Friday, July 19, 2013

Wedding Inspiration Board

In planning my wedding the first thing I thought about was what colors I wanted. My favorite color has been a deep teal/peacock color. I know this color is so hot right now, but it's always been my favorite color besides emerald green (which is my birth stone). I have been going back and forth with deep teal and emerald green. So I came up with this inspiration board so I could see what all my ideas would look like. The other color I have finalized is champagne/glitter. I love glitter, sparkly champagne colors. My first car was champagne, but anyways which ever color I choose whether it be deep teal/peacock or emerald green I will definitely let my followers know. I would love to hear from my followers and guests that visit my blog which color to pick...deep teal? Or emerald green? Let me know I need input ASAP.
 I hope this inspiration board has helped you. I also think I will be soon post a DIY how to make your own inspirational board on Microsoft word. 


  1. Hi Jess - this palette is a stunner. Why not go for both? Chances are, you won't find everything in Deep Teal or all Emerald, accent with both! They will go beautifully with the champagne color. I too am struggling with color choices, too many favs! Plus it all depends on time of year, season, etc. These jewel tones will look great together. Best of luck!

  2. Hi again Natalie, I really appreciate you taking the time to view my page and leave feedback. Thank you! On to my colors, I think your right! I think deep teal and emerald could go together well. I never really thought of having more than 2 colors. I just always figured of having 2 set colors. My wedding is a fall wedding but I'm not a rule follower lol I didn't take the season or time of year into consideration. I just wanted to be completely selfish and incorporate my favorite colors period. Lol my I suggest that you too follow in my selfish lead and pick your favorite colors regardless of the season, or if a bridesmaid hates the colors. I would def look around pinterest and look through The Knots website.


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