Wednesday, August 28, 2013

#2 Happy Fifty Shades of a Grey Hump Day

This week on a very happy Fifty Shades of a Grey Hump day I am reviewing the character Anastasia Steele. Anastasia Steele is the main character of the Fifty Shades Trilogy. In the very beginning of the book, Anastasia is a Senior at Washington State University majoring in English Literature. Right off the bat in this book Anastasia gives off the impression that she doesn't have much of a self-esteem. It's clear in the beginning that she doesn't know or realize that she really is beautiful. In the book she describes herself as being pale, brown-haired, and having way too big blue eyes. She is a natural beauty, but dresses herself down with casual wear such as jeans, and t-shirts. She lives with her roommate Kate Kavanagh, who she views to be very beautiful. Anastasia Steele is a smart young woman who at the same time is very smart. She has an easy way about her as a character, and likes to please others. She is by all means very innocent in the first book, and as the series continues she grows into a woman. It's a sweet journey to follow this character as she grows. The reason why I feel like this movie is "the" most anticipated movie of 2014, is because so many women have read this trilogy! It's being passed down, recommended, and reviewed by many. Since this book was on the New York Best Seller, and has had a huge following every woman is invested in the characters. They expect the best actress to be selected for the main role because as we read these books we are envisioning what Anastasia looks like in our imagination. Anastasia Steele in my imagination follows the description the book gave of her from her point of view to her love interest Christian Grey's point of view. She is pale, soft and a hidden beauty. She has big blue eyes that are soft, and innocent. She has a girlish, shy personality, and is still young. Her hair is brown and not very well maintained but still she is pretty. Below are the top contenders for me, and some of the worlds picks. 1. The actress on the top of my list is...Emilia Clarke (Now I am aware that she isn't interested in doing nude scenes which would eliminate her from the Ana list, but you never know she might change her mind due to how popular this movie will be!)

2. Dakota Johnson (She maybe a little older but I think she could pull it long as she dye's her hair brown.)

3. Alexandra Daddario- She fits perfectly! She is truly my second pick(Dakota cam second, because the rumors have been flying around that they are considering her for the part) Alexandra has the brown hair, and big beautiful blue eyes just like Anastasia. Her age fits perfectly as well!

4. I know Alexis Blendel has been on every one's list, but she's certainly not on mine. She's way too old for this role. Some people neglect to realize that she's actually 32 years which makes her 10 years too old to play this role. I will put a photo of her but I am just doing it for my readers.
5. Another one that I don't agree with is, Emma Watson. I think she's an amazing actress, but since this actress lacks blue eyes, she's not a good fit. Some will say its not important, but then I will question if you read the book. The blue eyes are a theme in this book and are mentioned throughout the whole trilogy. 
6. So let's scratch out all those actresses who don't have blue eyes, and are too old for the part... which would include Mila Kunis.
                                                                    Kristin Kreuk
Lucy Hale
The most annoying suggestion is the girl from Vampire Diaries...Nina Dobrev
7. Kristen Stewart shouldn't even be considered because she already played Isabella Swan from Twilight. She lucked out on that role despite her poor acting skills. Scratch her out completely! 
That's all I have for now, and I hope whoever they decide to pick for the character Anastasia Steele, they stay true to the description that's in the book! Let me know who you would prefer to play Anastasia Steele, whether I listed the actress or not. I want to hear from you. 
Next week I will be reviewing the best character!! Christian Grey! Yum!! Stay tuned. Thank you for reading, and following me. Be sure to enter in my current giveaway before it ends September 1, 2013 at midnight. Here is the link:

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