Thursday, August 15, 2013

All is Fair in LOVE and GLITTER Weddings!!

In planning my wedding, I noticed that the biggest obstacle has been picking my wedding colors. I have already set one color in stone, and although the color I have picked isn't an official color in word, or any other photo editor, paint, etc. it's still very much a color at heart (at least to me). The color I finalized is GLITTER!!! Not any glitter, champagne glitter, light glitter, I want me some glitter. I am a huge fan of bling, frost, frosting, dazzle, shazam, pop, sparkly, shiny, GLITTER! I love glitter, and try to use glitter in almost all my personalizing designs. 

Let's face it, a girl needs her glitter, and for my wedding I'm not asking for shades of pink, but just glitter! Let me have my glitter, and I really don't care if anyone finds glitter tacky. To me glitter is that pop that adds that finishing touch. I'm more than sure my groom will have a problem with the glitter, but it's not negotiable by any means. Just let me have my glitter, you knew who I was before you popped the question and knew my love for glitter. Lol I cannot emphasize glitter enough ha-ha. 
I have noticed now, that glitter weddings have become a trend in the wedding decor. Glitter is now being recognized as a color in the wedding industry, and all I have to say about that is, Thank you all mighty THANK YOU. It's about time my fellow brides approach their wedding in a glittery way. 
In my opinion, glitter has made its debut in the wedding circular because glitter is that neutral jewel tone that compliments any color it's paired with. It adds warmth and that sweet romantic feeling bride's desire on their special day. Lastly, it makes your decor look expensive by adding that sparkle/bling to you plain colors. 

Wikipedia describes glitter to be very small, flat and reflective particles that reflect light in different angles. This causes the glitter to sparkle and shine with great shining beauty. 
Here are two interesting facts about glitter that I bet you didn't know: 
Glitter has been traced back 30,000 years ago in ancient history. Flaky mica was used in cave paintings to give a glittery effect. It was also believed to be used as a cosmetic over 6,000 years ago in Egypt. They would cosmetically use this by combining iridescent shells of beetles, and finely green malachite crystal. 

Here is my ODE to Glitter

 A nice inspirational GLITTERY board to remind me why glitter is absolutely crucial to helping me plan my wedding. All my colors will eventually tie together, and at this point all I need is to figure out if I actually want 3 or 2 wedding colors all together. 1. Glitter, and deep teal (peacock). 2. Glitter, and emerald green. 3. Glitter, deep teal (peacock), and emerald green. 

I would love to hear from my followers as to what they think about my GLITTER! Please let me know!! 

P.S. All followers, keep an eye out for my next Giveaway happening soon! 

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  3. I do love glitter!! But I have been around for some time, not as long as ancient Egypt or cave stuffs but I do like glitter:)))))


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  4. Hi Evelyn! Thanks for visiting my blog! I love Glitter!! I guess my blog shows that! Thanks for following me!I love linking up to Let's Get Social Sunday every week!
    xoxo, Jess

  5. Hi Evelyn! Thanks for visiting my blog! I love Glitter!! I guess my blog shows that! Thanks for following me!I love linking up to Let's Get Social Sunday every week!
    xoxo, Jess


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