Friday, August 23, 2013

Five on Friday

 Happy Birthday to my sweet, and very beautiful niece Christina Lora!! I remember when my sister gave birth to my niece 7 years ago! She went into labor during the weee morning hours, and I wasn't around. I remember, because as she was texting me, I was working at a learning center. The minute I found out, I begged my boss to let leave. Eventually after much convincing she allowed me to be at my sisters side. I got to the hospital too late, because my sister had already given birth to a beautiful baby girl...Christina. As I held this darling girl in my arms I couldn't help but fall in love with her immediately. She turns 7 today and it's as if she's grown over night!! Happy Birthday princess! We all love you!
This week I have been hosting a giveaway...if you've missed it check it out. Graphic Image and I have teamed up to giveaway a beautiful leather datebook. Color of the winners choice. You have 17 entries, which allow you more chances to win!! Enter today. Giveaway ends September 1, 2013. For more info, and to enter click here.
This week, I've been trying to decided whether I should host my very own blog hop. I need a partner in crime, with a fair amount of followers. I guess I'm looking for a blogger, who is creative and has their page all set up. Your blog needs a button, a creative header, cute social media buttons, etc. Not really an experienced blogger, but one who knows their way around promoting on all social media networks, and who's blog has been around more than one month. I haven't made any decisions about who to pair up with but still considering (Ads only been up for one day at the least) email me if your interested.
Classes started Monday, and I've visited all my classes. I think my professors are going to keep me very busy this semester. Which means late blog nights for me. One of the classes looks like it will be my favorite this semester...TSL. I'm taking it online since it's mainly only offered online, but the professor seems nice enough and I can't wait to finish building my TeSOL notebook. 
This one's very important, so pay attention...I haven't had my cup of coffee yet, and it's 11:00 am...haha. I know, it's ridiculous, but I need a cup soon. (endin this post soon.) But before I go, here is my favorite find for this week. I found a blog planner on google today, and I was so happpy. I really need a blog planner, and this came just in time! I love it above any others I've seen out there. The website that offers this planner is called Girlfriends Are Like Shoes by Sarah. I made sure to leave a comment, because I was so happy with my Kickass blog planner! Thank you Sarah! If you want to get one too visit Sarah's blog here


  1. that IS a gorgeous datebook! :)

  2. Enter to win it!! Doesn't end until Sept. 1!! Just become a GCF follower. I follow my fellow GCF followers back.

  3. Your niece is too cute!
    Hosting a link up monday and would love for to join in!

  4. Hi Jennie, thank you, she's so big now! I will def check out you the link up! Thanks for letting me know and leaving me a comment!

  5. Your niece is adorable! I remember the day my younger brother was born- I was about 15 minutes late getting to the hospital from my school to go see him and he had already been born!
    Found your blog from the Weekend Blog Block Party and excited to follow along for more :) Also, a really nice veteran blogger explained to me that people don't actually see your comment replies if you reply by the built in Blogger thing, because there is no notification email. They'll get a reply if you email them back from the email notification.

    xo, Hima
    Hima Hearts

    1. Hi Hima,
      Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog! It's funny, how horrible I felt when I wasn't there for her birth but I guess we can only do so I was there for all 3 of my baby sisters births. I have a unique family. My little sister Anisa and I are 10 years apart in age. I am 18 years older than my baby sister Khloe, and 22 years older than my baby sister Kenadie. Its crazy!
      I was wondering if my readers that left comments were able to to see my replies. Thank you for letting me in on that little detail. I was in the process of updating my comment form, so it works out.
      I hope you've entered in my sponsored post from Graphic Image. We're giving away a 2014 leather pocket datebook. There a great company, and I hope you check them out!

      xoxo, Jess


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