Friday, August 16, 2013

Friday Tapas for ONE

Friday, is usually a day I spend with myself and my wonderful blog. It's a labor of love for me, but I just can't help it, I am addicted. As my classes will begin Monday, I'm having the Friday blues. Just thinking how busy I will be with all the coursework UCF gives me. I won't have half as much time to write my posts, plan my wedding and catch up on all my books and TV shows. Its going to be misery. (I may convert my new from sleepless in DIY Bride country, to Sleepless in UCF Country!) With good intentions this semester I am forced to hold my head high and think of how little I have left in school. I am almost there, but it feels like a lifetime in so many ways. 
With that said, I ventured into blogger today at 10am, I started with checking my mail, and replying to all my emails. I then went through my blog and replied to all my comments. I made some pins from my site, and hearts. I found a cool widget from Instagram to add to my site. 
Every blogger knows when working on their own blog it's very time consuming. I then looked around the internet and searched for new bloggers, bloggers who want guest posts, and sponsors looking for a blogger. Just to take a break from all this blogging, I walked my very well behaved dog Bandit. I wish I could tell you the walk was nice and long, but that doesn't happen when you live in Florida. It's a little too hot outside, so it was to the dumping site, check the mail, and basically make a break for the house. haha
When I finally came back from this short lived walk, I got back too I'm addicted by all means! This is when I started linking up, and doing the Friday blog hopping! I really tried to get out there with sending out more emails, following more blogs, and leaving nice comments. Only to hope and wish to finally be connected with new followers, and potential guest bloggers for my readers. 
This is where it ends...I decided to get in the kitchen and make myself a beautiful lovely, delish tapa. If you don't know what a tapa is, it's basically an appetizer of sorts. I went with the Spaniard tapa because I needed an excuse to have a glass of wine. 
All of these meats and cheeses have been imported from Spain or at least that's what they told me and I decided to 
Believe. Lol manchego cheese is my new favorite cheese. 


  1. Hi Jess,

    Thanks for stopping by my blog at I appreciate you coming by. I just got my blog up and running and am looking to meet new bloggers like you are. It is a time consuming process, but it is worth it when it all comes together.
    I'll be jealous of you living in Florida in a few months when it is freezing here in Missouri. Well anyway, your blog looks good. Keep up the great work!

    Take care,

  2. Hi Suzanne! Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog, and leaving me kind words! I really appreciate it. I totally agree with blog has turned into a labor of love,and I really love meeting fellow bloggers!
    Oh Florida! All I can say about Florida's always hot! lol I really hate how hot it get here. My hair suffers in the humidity. I love being up North! I know it's super cold but I think the cold weather gives you more energy than the hot weather.

    xoxo, Jess


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