Monday, September 30, 2013

Earring GIVEAWAY from Kakou Bijoux!!

Good morning y'all! I'm introducing you to a new giveaway this morning sponsored by Kakou Bijoux!! I'm so excited for my readers to enter, and visit Kakou Bijoux's shop. I have had the pleasure of getting to know the Etsy shop owner of Kakou Bijoux...Karine, and she is a doll!! She responds quickly to emails, and is so sweet, I couldn't resist having her product featured on my blog. Not only is she so amazing, but her shop features beautiful gemstone jewelry, and it's to die for! I received a pair of these earrings, and no lie...I literally have been sporting them everywhere I go! I love all the colors Karine's shop offers, but the rose quartz caught my eye! Without a doubt, these earrings are neutral enough to wear with any outfit. The color of the rose, is complimented by the crystal AB color on top, and the combination is beautiful. The beads Karine uses to make her beautiful jewelry are genuine gemstones, and they are far from being plastic. If you are looking for a beautiful, long lasting accessory to compliment your outfit, I would recommend you take a look at Kakou Bijoux for quality accessories! Karine takes great care, in making her jewelry so you can imagine that she packs her earrings with care! I honestly love an Etsy shop that takes pride in packaging their product, it tells me that they are proud of their product and their product must be great quality! This me (below) showing off my earrings before class on Thursday. When I got to my class, the girls sitting at my table immediately complimented my earrings, and asked me where I got my earrings. Of course, I told them from an amazing Etsy Shop called Kakou Bijoux. I was just curious to see what caught their eyes about my earrings, and one of them said it was the drop effect, and the other girl said it was the crystal AB color on the top. Another girl felt the earring, and was shocked that it wasn't plastic. It's a true gemstone, and the weight of the earring isn't at all heavy! It truly is hard to find quality genuine gemstone jewelry.
To wrap up my review on these beautiful and my new favorite earrings, I have 2 last points to make! Pay attention because this is important info! So I have sensitive skin, and when I say I have sensitive skin, I mean anything and everything I wear in the jewelry department (including my platinum engagement ring...sometimes) breaks my skin out in a rash. I normally don't wear jewelry that's not platinum or gold, because my skins turns red, I itch and it gets swollen (its ugly). I wore these earrings, all day for five days, and NOTHING! I didn't have any allergic reaction, my skin was perfectly fine. (No, I'm not faking sensitive skin for expensive I really do have sensitive skin) Upon receiving these earrings, I did what I normally do to any jewelry accessory before wearing, I dipped them in alcohol, and put them on. This tells me two things, they are made with extreme care, and second it's a quality product! 
Therefore, here is my last point...I will be getting these earrings for my bridesmaids as a gift, because I have to share this product with them! I hope visit Kakou Bijoux, and try out this product for yourself. Now it's time for the GIVEAWAY!!
Kakou Bijoux Gem Earring Giveaway
Kakou Bijoux is giving away one pair of these earrings, color of your choice to one lucky reader!! 
This giveaway starts today  9/30/2013 at 10:00 AM, and ends 10/13/2013 at 11:59 PM.  Remember you MUST be a DIY Bride Follower VIA GCF to enter this giveaway!    Winner will be announced on 10/14/2013 in the afternoon!! Good Luck everyone! 
Steps for Entering in Kakou Bijoux GIVEAWAY!!
1. To enter you must be a public follower of DIY Bride (on this site only) GCF- If your not yet a follower, just become a follower (by joining my site on the right panel and follow publicly) and you can still enter! YAY!

2. Sign into Rafflecopter below by email or facebook. (But make sure you enter using your follower name, so I will not delete your entry.)
3. There are 3 mandatory fields in this giveaway!
1. You must Like Kakou Bijoux's  Facebook Page, 
2. For 10 entries (yes, 10!!) Subscribe to Kakou Bijoux's Newsletter,
3. Make Kakou Bijoux your Favorite on Etsy! 
Once you've unlocked those 3 requirements you can enter for easy entries if you'd like. The more you enter the more likely you'll win!!
 For easy entries follow Jess on Pinterest, Twitter, and  Like my Facebook page.
This giveaway has DAILY entries by Tweeting about the giveaway, and/or pinning an image of the giveaway to Pinterest DAILY. This gives you the opportunity to win the prize even more!
Remember the more you enter...the more chances for you to win!!! Good luck. (This is a real giveaway, and I won't be able to enter in this giveaway...just to clarify)

48 hours to respond to email if won. Open to US/CAN/+18 ONLY review terms and conditions on rafflecopter.

Friday, September 27, 2013

PINK Edition- 5 ON Friday

Sleepless in DIY Bride Country
1. It's a PINK Power Friday, and this weeks 5 will be PINK themed!! If you missed my post earlier this week, I have announced my New Blog Hop for Hope- Pinkalicious Wednesdays!! This blog hop is dedicated to my aunt Linda who passed in August of last year to Breast Cancer. I thought long and hard, about how I wanted to honor her memory this year besides doing a marathon, and donating to Susan G. Komen. I've been wanting to start my own blog hop for a while, and what better way to spread awareness than to have my blogger friends link up their blogs, and enter in a donated giveaway! It's about supporting and spreading awareness to this cause! I do plan on keeping the blog hop going after October, so don't worry, it won't be going away anytime soon! I found a good blogger buddy- Jackie from City Girl Finding Her Place in the World to help me host this blog hop, and I hope everyone will link up their blogs next Wednesday! If you missed the post and want to learn more about my new blog hop for HOPE Click HERE. If your interested in co-hosting this blog hop with us, please email me at 2.  This is my aunt Linda. She was in the Air Force for 18 years, and passed away last year in August.
Her passing was very devastating to me, because she was my favorite aunt! When my parents were struggling to make ends meat, we moved to California to live with her and her family. Although, I was so young when I lived with her (baby to 4 years old), I do have scattered memories of the times we had when we all lived together. My memories of my aunt are the ones that really made a difference in my life.  She spoiled me rotten, and it got under my parents skins. lol When they said I couldn't have dessert, she would sneak me some behind their when I couldn't sleep at night and cried for my parents, she was the one that came in the room to read me sleeping beauty (my favorite princess story) to sleep. When my parents took my older sister to a football game, and left me behind, she was the one who cheered me up and made it up to me, by giving me ice cream, and candy. When I wanted to go to Disneyland, she made sure, she did everything in her power to take me! I owe her so much, because if it wasn't for her helping my parents out, my life would've been a lot different. I miss her everyday, and our hours and hours of gossip sessions on the
The worst part of my aunts passing, was the fact that I couldn't be there with her. Last year I was going through tough times financially, and I couldn't afford the trip to Cali. Once I finally had enough money to fly out there, my uncle let me know that she was passing away. It broke my heart that I wasn't able to see her before she passed, and that she passed away thinking she wasn't important to me :(
3. My Neighborhood Community hosts an event called Relay for Life every year for the American Cancer Society! This event is HUGE, and I love participating in it every year. Basically we have a week filled with vendors, donating, and supporting! You can camp out with a tent and everything for a few days to support Cancer awareness, it's so much fun, because everyone meets new people, and the kids have a ball. The event takes place in our park, and you can only camp out if your a resident of our community. I haven't camped out, but I have spent countless hours doing laps for cancer, donating to the vendors, and participating in the memorial services.  Last year, it hit me harder when I was participating, because my aunts passing was still fresh. It was a beautiful weekend, and our community did a great job raising money!  Here's the best part, if you've been skimming through, this part you don't want to miss! I think I'll underline it, just in case. So my fiance and I were doing laps for cancers, and talking when two boys came up to us and asked us if we wanted to donate money and we would be entered in a raffle for Universal Studios tickets. Gil, and I said sure, we were there to support the cause so we gave the kids a few bucks. That was the only raffle we entered in, and thought nothing of it. So the kids gave me a small little ticket to put my info on, was dark, the pen sucked, and you could barely read anything. We moved on and about 2 weeks later, on a Sunday afternoon, my door bell rang. Gil's not home, and I have a rule that I don't answer the door if I'm alone. Something in me, told me to open the door. I'm pretty strict with my rule, so this surprised me that I was opening the door.  When I answered the door, a man and his kid were at my door. The man asked me, if the Hernandez family was home, and I said yes...he asks if I was at the relay for life event 2 weeks ago, and I said yes. He asks if I entered in a raffle for Universal tickets, and I said yes. Some how this angel of a man made sense of the address, and went driving around with his son looking for my house based on the barely readable letters and numbers.  He said Gil and I won 4 tickets to Universal Studios, and that he tried calling the number on the ticket but no one contacted him back. So then he decided to drive around to figure out where I lived.  Y'all I started crying! The man was blown away, especially after I jumped to hug him and his son! I thanked them endlessly and asked them if they wanted to come in. They refused but were delighted by my response. In my eyes, this was my Tia Linda confirming to me that she saw me honor her at this event, and she knew how badly I wanted to be with her before she passed! This was her, she had lead them to my house, to give me my closure! Now that I have some kind of closure, I'm happy! Gil and I made those tickets into annual passes, and we thank my aunt everyday for this! In November we will be participating in Relay for Life again! It's an amazing experience! 
4. To help raise money, I am giving away a striped ribbon tote bag to one lucky reader! All Proceeds for this bag will be donated to Susan G. Komen to help save lives!! I hope you can enter, it starts October 1st and ends October 15 at 11:59 PM
5. Breast Cancer is real, and begins most of the time without you knowing it. Women should be testing themselves every year! Here are some quick facts! In 2013, it is estimated that among U.S. women there will be [38]:
  • 232,340 new cases of invasive breast cancer (This includes new cases of primary breast cancer among survivors, but not recurrence of original breast cancer among survivors.)
  • 64,640 new cases of in situ breast cancer (This includes ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS) and lobular carcinoma in situ (LCIS), of those, about 85 percent will be DCIS. DCIS is a non-invasive breast cancer and LCIS is a condition that increases the risk of invasive breast cancer. Learn more about DCIS and LCIS.)
  • 39,620 breast cancer deaths  

Thursday, September 26, 2013

TGIF Link Party No.15

Welcome to the TGIF Link Party at  Living Better Together and I Want Crazy! Meet Your Hosts! Rebecca from Living Better Together
This week on Living Better Together:
Kat from I Want Crazy 
This week on I Want Crazy:
We're also excited to introduce our fabulous co-hosts for this week: Cathy from A Peek Into My Paradise
If you are interested in co-hosting, email Rebecca at Share this party with your friends, and don't forget to make some new ones while you're here! We all love making new friends, don't we?
Most Viewed:
Food Storage Solutions by Day 2 Day Super Mom. These are some great ideas for storage, especially if you're preparing for the worst!
Rebecca's Favorites:
Skillet Chicken Alfredo Lasagna Toss by Our Table for Seven. This looks so good, I think I can taste the cheese from my desk! This will definitely be going on next week's meal plan!
Chalkboard IKEA Desks by Delineate Your Dwelling. These are so adorable, I love when someone takes something standard and store bought and makes it their own. The chalk place settings crack me up... too cute!
Stuffed Zucchini Boats by Joyful Healthy Eats. I've been wanting to make some stuffed zucchini for a while now, but I never would have thought of using ground turkey. What a great idea to keep this dish health but still get some protein!
DIY Team Scarf by VMG206. I am so in love with this idea. Megin used old tees to make this scarf and it came out so good! I will definitely be making some of these for Christmas gifts!
Kat's Favorites!
Apple Butter Pie Tarts by Tastes of Lizzy T. I love anything that comes in "fun" or "mini" size. These cute treats look so yummy and I heart apple butter so much!
Beer Cheese Jalapeno Bacon Dip by Domestic Bliss Squared. I am most definitely more excited about football season than Fall (the season) because, in my opinion, it comes with better food. This dip has all the main football party ingredients - SCORE!
Industrial Pumpkins by My Love 2 Create. I love these little pumpkins. I love how different that are and how they could decorate inside and out. They are so easy to make too! 
Passport Cover by Buttons and Paint. I was literally wondering the other day is they sold passport covers because my family is going out of the country soon and passports are really ugly. Who know you could just make some yourself; I do not have a crafty mind, so I would have never thought to make these super cute covers.
Grab a feature button!
 photo TGIF_featured_zpsbe37ee90.png
Link up your recipes, projects, tips and tricks, etc. Each week we'll be featuring some great posts from the previous week, so be sure to check back to see if you were featured and to link up again! 
The party will run from 8:00 pm EST on Thursdays until 8:00 pm EST on Sunday.

1. Please follow your hosts and co-hosts in some way! Let us know you did and we'll follow back! 2. If you'd like, grab the party button and tell your friends!
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3. No Giveaways, Etsy Shops, or Link Parties please. 4. Please link to a specific post, not your homepage.
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And the Winner is...

I hope everyone is having a good Thursday so far! I am so happy, and pleased to announce the winner of the Reversible Dress and Brooch Giveaway...
Thank you everyone for participating in this wonderful giveaway sponsored by Marcella from PinkGinger Boutique! This lady has been such a pleasure to work with, and I really hope to work with her again!! Marcella's shop of dresses, are absolutely GORG, and to die def go check it out when you get the chance! 
Thank you everyone for participating in this giveaway! I truly appreciate every one of my followers support everyday! Keep visiting DIY Bride, because their are more exciting giveaways on it's way! 
If you haven't entered in my current sponsored giveaway from Clay Bouquet Shop enter HERE. We're giving away $25 gift card to the Clay Bouquet Shop!! I hope you enter!!
I am also co-hosting the TGIF Link Party tonight!!! I hope you can come link up your blogs tonight!!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Happy Birthday Bandit!!!

Happy 4th Birthday to my little booger! My fiance and I officially adopted Bandit on this day 3 years ago! We celebrate this day as his birthday+adopt to our family! When we adopted him, the Vet estimated by his health that he was about 1 years old, and now 3 years later I can't believe he's already 4 yrs. old. He's our son, and of course we spoil him. I really love him, he's such an amazing best friend!
 For his birthday I decided to make him cupcakes. I found a great recipe on Pinterest, and went from there. 
Bandit has a sensitive stomach (most small dogs have sensitive stomachs), and I made sure to research each element in this recipe before I made the cupcakes. I wanted to make sure nothing would upset my boogers stomach. These cupcakes haven't (so far) upset Bandits stomach, so they should be safe. I tried them the cupcake before I gave it to Bandit, and I'm fine...the cupcakes were actually good :D
Here's the recipe:
  • 1 egg
  • 1/4 cup peanut butter
  • 1/4 cup coconut oil
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract (you can leave this out if your dog has a sensitive stomach)
  • 1/3 cup honey (optional, but this is a sweetener in place of sugar.  Dogs should  NOT have sugar)
  • 1 cup shredded carrots
  • 1 cup all-purpose flour
  • 1 teaspoon baking soda
  • 1 mashed banana
  • 1/3 cup peanut butter (more or less depending on desired consistency)
Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.  Prepare a 6-cup muffin pan with muffin cup liners.  Combine egg, peanut butter, oil, vanilla, and honey in a large bowl, mixing well.  Stir in carrots and mix thoroughly.  Whisk flour and baking soda together in a separate bowl.  Fold flour mixture into carrot mixture.  Spoon batter into prepared muffin pan.  Bake for 30-35 min. or until toothpick inserted comes out clean.  Icing: Mash banana and combine with peanut butter.  Mix well, then spread on cooled cupcakes.
I got this recipe from My Boulangerie. Thanks Jillian for the great recipe.
I did tweak the recipe, just a little. Instead of using the full teaspoon of vanilla, I used half a teaspoon. The peanut butter I used was Jif-all natural, and the Honey was organic. For the icing, I used 2 tablespoons peanut butter instead of 1/3 cup. 
I hope you enjoy the rest of the pictures from my little Bandit's 4th birthday! 
  I did get him some birthday gifts! I know! I know! He wouldn't know the difference if I bought him something or not, but I really love making him feel special! So I got him a new blue and green collar, 2 squeaky toys, poop, and a new brush. I really wanted to buy him a new blanket, but I knew my fiance would call me out, because he already has 3 different blankets. His breed loves blankets! He uses all 3 of I refrained from buying him the soft blanket and stuck with the toys :) He loves his gifts, so that's all that matters.