Wednesday, September 4, 2013

#3 Happy Fifty Shades of a Grey Hump Day

This week on a very Happy Fifty Shades of a Grey Hump Day, I'm happy to announce that the author of Fifty Shades of Grey has released who she has picked for the main roles of Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey!
Dakota Johnson as Anastasia Steele
Charlie Hunnam as Christian Grey
I can't say I'm completely happy with these two, but since I'm reviewing the infamous Christian Grey in this post let's focus on him. Now whether you've read the books or not, I know this name has been passed around from woman to woman! 
Despite the fact that he is ridiculously good looking, Christian Grey lives a life of mystery. To everyone in his world he is charming, and business oriented. In the book they describe him to have copper hair with smoldering grey eyes. 
Christian Grey is born into a drug infested, and prostitution world. His mother who he refers to her in the book as "the crack whore" dies leaving four year old Christian by himself with her rotting body for 4 days. Christian Grey becomes severely damaged by his childhood thus his dark side come alive. His need to have power over women becomes an obsession and pleasure for him. He dominates the women he is physically attached too which is always a dark brown haired woman with blue eyes. All the while he still respects the women he dominates by indulging them with lavish gifts such as brand new Audi vehicles. 
He is obviously a strong man, with a no tolerance for shenanigans when it comes to his business. Coming from a troublesome background he is a great and successful entrepreneur of his time. 
I do have a problem with Charlie Hunnam playing Christian Grey, because while reading the books I never imagined Jax from Sons of Anarchy whipping women in There's no doubt that Charlie Hunnam is good looking but he's not ridiculously good looking like the books described. If Charlie Hunnam and I bummed into each other at the store and he wasn't an actor or famous, I probably wouldn't pay any attention to him at all. He doesn't make my heart melt like Christian Grey is supposing too. Don't get me wrong he's a great actor, but this came as a surprise to me. I guess there's always room for him to prove me wrong. 
Here are the actors I expected to be the Christian Grey I wanted. 
1. Collin Egglesfield (He was my first pick. He's really good looking, and gives the "I will dominate you" only problem he might be a little too old. But I still thought he would make a better Christian Grey because his eyes are grey, and he's hot.)
2. Chace Crawford (YES!! He is the perfect age for this role!)
3. Henry Cavill (There is no doubt I wished in my heart they would've picked Henry Cavill, even if he might be a little too old to play the part. I love him as an actor, and if the author would've just made these books 10 years earlier, Henry Cavill would've been the first pick! For sure!)
4. Now for the ones I thought wouldn't make a good fit, because they were either too old, or just not right! I do it for my readers! lol
Ian Somerhalder
 Matt Bomber (He was every one's pick it felt like, but he's too old, and not that great of an actor. Not to mention he's preference in sex isn't women, so I'm not sure how that would've worked for him playing a sexual man that's really into women.)
 Robert Patterson (I would never...could never say anything bad about Robert Patterson!! He would've been worthy of this role had he not played in the Twilight series. I think E.L. James wanted an original actor who hasn't had a major role in a romantic trilogy such as Twilight. He fits the age, the eyes, the appearance...but he has already played a huge movie role. His role in Twilight and the whole Twilight trilogy was probably inspiration for EL James while she wrote Fifty Shades of Grey because they have similar themes and backgrounds...minus the vampire thing.)
Ryan Gosling- Too old
Christian Bale...really? He's way too old, and lacks grey eyes.
Channing Tatum (I think every woman would have to agree...WOW! But he's still not a good fit for the part)
While researching what others thought a Christian Grey would look like, I also found some absurd nominations such as Brody Genner...really guys? I'm no doubt a fan of the The Hills, but Brody
I also found some people nominated Justin, and NO! 
That's all I have for this very Happy Fifty Shades of a Grey Hump Day, but next week I will be reviewing Anastasia's side of the family, and her besties. Let me know what you think, and which actor you would've preferred to play Christian Grey. 
I hope I get to write the post before they release which actor they have chosen to play the beautiful best friend/roommate.  Stay tuned. Thank you for reading, and following me. Be sure to enter in my current giveaway before it ends September 09, 2013 at 11:59 PM To enter click here.

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  1. um, gay actors can act straight BECAUSE THEY ARE ACTORS. Just look at Neil Patrick Harris in his movies and shows such as How I met Your Mother.


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