Wednesday, September 11, 2013

#4 Happy Fifty Shades of a Grey Hump Day

This week on a very Happy Fifty Shades of a Grey Hump Day I am reviewing who should play Anastasia Steele's close friends and family. I'll start off with Ana's bestie...Kate Kavanagh. Kate is suppose to bee a blonde bombshell, and outgoing. My picks are down below.
Kate Kavanagh
1. Blake Lively

2. Amber Heard
3. Katie Cassidy
Jose Rodriguez 
Jose is Ana's second bestie, and of course by the name he is Hispanic. He also is an artist so Diego Luna just fits that role perfectly. 
1. Diego Luna
2. Michael Trevino

3. Ryan Guzman
Raymond Steele (Anastasia's Stepfather)
Ray is Ana's step father who took Ana in as his own. 
1. Dennis Quaid
2. Michael Keaton 
Carla Wilks (Ana's Mother)
1. Lauren Graham 

2. Vera Farmiga
3. Mary-Louise Parker
That's all for this weeks Happy Fifty Shades of a Grey Hump Day!! Sorry not a lot of written content but there are so many characters to review in all, I just plainly put out who I think would be a best fit for each character. Plus I didn't want to give away any spoilers for those of you who haven't read the book. Be sure to check my blog later, because I'm co-hosting with Hannah from Mom-lovin' Blog Hop!

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