Wednesday, September 18, 2013

#5 Happy Fifty Shades of a Grey Hump Day

Last week I reviewed everyone in Anastasia Steele's life. This week, it will be Christian Grey's turn.  He has so many people in his life in comparison to Anastasia, and since this week I'm a little more tired than usual, I will cut it short. Let's discuss, my lack of sleep/stress in my new classes/addiction to blogging/always designing/everything blogger. Wow, this week's been kinda crazy, and I haven't had as much sleep as I would like. Functioning on 4 hours sleep a day is pretty hard, but I'm trying to pull through.  Fast reviewing on these characters, and I hope you understand! 

  Elliot Grey- Christian's brother through adoption...He's a young, playful ladies man. 1. Liam Hensworth- He's a little serious, but I'm sure he can act more charming. 

2.Chace Crawford- I know! He's already made an appearance on these posts, for Christian Grey, but I think Chace should be in the Fifty Shades Trilogy, because he's really handsome, and charming...or was on Gossip Girl.
3. Alex Pettyfer
Mia Grey-She's young, and energetic. Kinda like Alice on Twilight, is what my impression of her was when reading the books! She's really friendly with Anastasia, and is younger than Ana.
1. Lucy Hale
2. Alexis Dziena- This actress has always been great at being bubbly.
3. Ashley Benson- She's blonde, but I think she's carefree enough to play Mia. 
Grace Grey- Christian Grey's mother (adopted)
1. Diane Lane- She's just so perfect! Sophisticated, and genuine. 
2. Julianne Moore- She looks like such a nice mom, especially for Christian Grey.
3. Sela Ward
Carrick Grey- Christian Grey's adopted father
1. Liam Neeson- I will recommend him everyday, any day for every Love him
2.  Richard Gere- He may a little too old tho.
3. John Slattery- He's still young enough, and hip enough to play Carrick! 
Thank you for coming by for this weeks Happy Fifty Shades of a Grey Hump Day! Hope you come by next week for all the rest of Christian Grey's

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