Friday, October 4, 2013

5 on Friday-New Sponsor Features

Happy Friday y'all! This week on my 5, I'm doing a promoting theme. Yes, I am promoting my I think I've come a long way in a short amount of time, and I am so proud of my blog. 
1. So first up on my list, is the fact that I have a new feature on DIY Bride...Passion fruit Ads. I was using Adproval, but let's face it guys, it sucks! Passion fruit is so much easier and better to use! Plus you don't have to go through that hassle of putting in all your bank info, etc. I trust PayPal, because I know PayPal! I'm familiar with PayPal, and passion fruit has it. Ok now that I've strayed off topic, I have new Ad's on my sponsor page for Etsy Shop Owners!! I have 2 options for shops at great prices! EXAMPLE of what an In Post Shop Spotlight looks like. This option is at the bottom of every post I make for 1 month!! It includes a picture, a small bio, and links to all your social media. As a bonus I it will also be located at the bottom of my blog. Not only do you get this ad for a month, but the option to do a guest post, to introduce yourself as well as your shop to my readers. I participate in so many blog hops, and link parties, that these ads will be seen. Not only do I participate in hopping and linking but I also co-host them, and launched my very own blog hop!

2. Second, I also have ads for my blogger friends! This ad also lasts for one month!  This option also comes with a guest post, where you would introduce yourself to my readers, and the spotlight comes with everything seen below. This is the best exposure you could get for your blog!
EXAMPLE of what an In Post Spotlight would look like. 3. I'm open to answering any questions you have about the In Post Ad's or any other ad options I offer. I would love to have you on my blog, and help you in any way I can! Just email me at I do check my mail frequently, and respond quickly! I'm happy to help!  4. I have launched my own blog design, and I'm still getting back in the groove of design. I use to design blogs, about 5 years ago, but of course I stopped because work, and school became enough as it was stressful. I missed designing blogs, and I came back to the blogger community to share my designs, and my journey down the aisle. I did create my own blog design, and to be completely honest I have a bad habit of uplifting my blog. I need to design someone else's blog. I have been contemplating doing some free designs, so if you're interested in something let me know, and I'll work with you! I'm an extremely easy going person.

Last but not least, I have launched my first blog hop with my blogger buddy Jackie from City Girl Finding her Place in the World. The first week, went off without a hitch but I'm a little disappointed with the outcome of hoppers :( I guess I was hoping for a bigger turn out :(  I won't get to down on myself just yet, because this blog hop was designed to spread awareness, and I really want to spread as much awareness as I can. Before you say this isn't the blog hop for you (anyone can get breast cancer or any type of cancer within a drop of a hat!) because spreading awareness is as simple as joining a blog hop, or wearing a pink ribbon on your shirt all day every day. It's that simple for people to see your ribbon and remember to check themselves for breast cancer. I personally have always supported breast cancer, because I'm a woman and chances of me getting breast cancer are high. Even before my aunt passed away, I was very involved in making a difference and help save as many lives as I could by sponsoring, donating, and doing marathons.

Misconceptions about spreading awareness:

 1. Many people think your just asking them for money. Money they probably don't have. I get it, I'm not rich. I don't like paying bills, or giving people free money. Spreading awareness is a simple as doing miles for a cure, or joining in on a blog hop and meeting new friends. You could wear a pink ribbon, or putting a "GO PINK" banner on your blog.
2. Donating money is the only way to save lives. -Not true, well your money is always greatly appreciated in this cause, but you don't have to spend money out of pocket to help save lives! Many people want to help, but the funds are low, and I get it. That's why breast cancer awareness month is here, where everyone wears pink and everyone can walk to save a life. I bet if you go food shopping you could find several products that give a portion to breast cancer research. Women love clothes shopping, head over to Target or Wal-Mart, you'll find a huge section of pink clothes, a portion of that money you spend on a pink shirt goes to breast cancer research. So if you want something in return, these ideas are great, and a win, win for both parties.
3. Women are the only ones who care about breast cancer. Totally false!! My fiancé always asks me "when my next woman's exam is" lol my "woman exam" is every year, as it should be, and I get myself checked for lumps. This year I will look into getting a screening for early detection. It's never too early. Back to the misconception, men are very aware and want to help too. Their men after all, and like my fiancé says "he supports anything that involves saving the lives of breasts" lol he's such a jokester, but I love him.

4. October is the only month breast cancer awareness should be spread. Not true ladies! Breast cancer is happening every day, and just because there's a month dedicated to the cause, doesn't mean we should stop after October! Let's spread awareness as much as we can, because let's face it. Breast Cancer is a real thing!

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