Monday, October 21, 2013

A Weekend Venue Tale

Good Afternoon lovelies, it was one of those weekends...busy, meetings, touring, budget, etc. We had an appointment with our first venue on Saturday afternoon. It was a beautiful Saturday filled with excitement, and wide eyed dreams. I had huge hopes for the Ventura Country Club in Orlando. The website looked great, the prices seemed reasonable, and the person I contacted left me a nice email. My dreams of a beautiful wedding at this location began to deteriorate as soon as we made a right turn 0.8 miles away (on the navigator). Looking around at what was only 0.8 miles away from our destination was quite interesting. I had  a feeling of pure shock...graffiti on the walls, a small run down quickie-mart, a huge police headquarters station, and questionable by standers walking around. When we finally pulled into our destination we took a note that there was a cop car parked outside the Country Club. The sign to the Country Club must have been bought at a dollar store sign don't leave yet, because the best parts are still coming. Apparently this Country Club is gated...we hate gated. I say to myself, ok, fine I can over look this!

No...No...No!! My fiancé rolls up to the security station, where we're met with a woman security guard. We proceed to inform her that we have an appointment with someone about a wedding tour, and what not. She should never open her mouth, because what comes out is pure stupidity. She looks at us funny, like this is something that has never happened in history, or doesn't exist! "A wedding tour?" she says, with a smirk(mind you ...I am quoting woman security guard, not misspelling on purpose). "Who you be meeting with?" she asks. I couldn't remember, because I must be in a state of shock, that this person is in the front of this Country Club and representing what is to come later. I immediately take out my phone and look through my email to give her an answer, because my fiancé and I are thinking the same thing...If we give her the name she'll let us in...right?! No folks...only in a dream world does that concept exist with this woman security guard. Of course, I gave her the name of the guy Tyren, she says his name "Tiiiiiiierrrrenn" as though she is very familiar with him, and calls his office. lol My fiancé looks at me, and his look tells me he has a question of "Where did you find this place?" lol Tyren doesn't answer...she calls I don't know who next, and says "I got these people up in here and they says they here to see Tyren about a party or somethan" (yes, folks...somethan...not something...somethan).  She gets off the phone, and says "No one knows about this, and I can't let y'all in without an approval. I got these other cars behind you, so pop a Uie and come back when you find Tyren" LMAO....Yes, we "popped our Uie" and parked on the side of the road, where there are now 2 cop cars parked on the side as well. I'm sitting in the car thinking, how the hell can we find Tyren, if we're not allowed in the facility and he's not answering any calls. At this point I'm pissed! I'm pissed that I had an appointment with Tyren at 2 PM and no one can find that sucker. It's completely unprofessional, and now my fiancé is asking me where I came up with this place. Ladies...this place was featured on The Knot, The Wedding Channel, and The Wedding Wire!! Beware!

So now I'm pissed, my fiancé has lost his patience, and calls the front desk where he gets directed 3 times to a voicemail, and dead ends. No one knows what is going on in there, and he starts getting pushy!
 Here are some fantastic quotes from Gil as he was on the phone with whoever kept answering the phone at the Country Club. "Are the inmates running the asylum?" "Can I speak to someone who knows how to make a decision" "Your security guard told us to pop a Uie that alone tells me what kind of place this is." "Can you make a decision, or I am going to have to go back home!" He gave me a few chuckles, because we were pretty upset at this point. If he didn't get so pushy, I don't think they would ever let us in, and we drove 30 minutes out of our way! So the security guard lets us in, and we meet with someone from their pro shop, because Tyren is still nowhere to be found. How unprofessional is that ladies? The guy walks us to Tyren's office, where Tyren is sitting with another employee, and when the pro shop guy says "These folks went through a lot of hoops to get in here to see you, he looks completely lost." 

The pro shop guy leaves, and Tyren says "Did you make an appointment? Are you here for the party?" My fiancé looks at me, like I must have read the email wrong, or never scheduled the appointment. Tyren leaves the room, and of course I show my fiancé the emails, and I typed it specific to say "Ok great, October 19, 2013 at 2 PM works for me. See you then." Incredible right?! He scheduled the appointment, but never wrote it on his calendar, or bothered to remember?! Afterward, Tyren was really nice, and the spaces were nice, but it just seemed like all the employees where clueless as to how to tie their own shoes, and interrupted our meeting ever second to ask Tyren small, easy fix questions. It was ridiculous. Tyren gave us a quote, and went through everything with us eventually. Then he proceeded to print out our copy to take with us, and Gil and I ran out of there. When I looked through the proposal I noticed that we were missing half of it. lol How embarrassing for the Ventura Country Club, and what I let down!

 Wow, what a bust. I was upset in the car because I liked the space, but it would seem the inmates were in fact running the asylum. I was upset because I hate the way these places require you to buy their food, and alcohol. I was upset because upon researching venues I noticed we didn't have much to choose from, and I was banking on this venue to be the one. I was discouraged, and let down. My fiancé tried to cheer me up but I was upset. I went through my emails, and saw that I had an email from a place called the Crystal ballroom. I hesitated to read it, because it sounded expensive. I opened it, and gladly found they were reasonably priced. So I booked an appointment for the next day Sunday but before I get to that story, here are some pictures of the Ventura Country Club.

The appointment with the Crystal ballroom was at 2 PM, this venue was about 45 minutes away. We drove up to the place, and noticed it was in a plaza. Oh boy I thought to myself, Gil is going to kill me if this is another bust and waste of time. Right on queue Gil turns to look at me, and I tell him to have an open mind! lol when we walk in the place it's GORGEOUS!! It's absolutely beautiful, and a woman approaches us, who seems to be down to earth. She's dressed like me, and has a welcomed smile on. Unlike Tyren's "did you have an appointment" unwelcomeness. Her name is Tara, and I get a sense of relief! All my worries are shortly pushed aside, because I feel like I'm where I need to be.

Tara helps us out immediately and gives us the tour of the place. She gives us every detail, and I look at Gil with a smile, because we feel safe here. I feel like my dreams will come true here. I see all Tara's workers, actually working and setting up a wedding. They know what they're doing, and they never interrupt her meeting with us. The place is amazing...the ceiling is loaded with white linens, the sides of the rooms have beautiful white linens, and with any color light you want highlighting your reception room. They have a disco ball, a ball with rainbow colors, dimmed lighting, a sound system, a bridal suite, in house decor designer. They have a vintage coffee, and alcohol bar stations. The best part...they let you bring your own food, and liquor!

They have attendants that have done weddings before, they're nice, and look professional. I'm in love! The spaces are big, and the best part, is that this is all they do! They only do parties, so I'll be in the right hands. I felt like this is our place, because I haven't planned my wedding since I was a girl, so my ideas are everywhere. I'm not sure what I'm doing, and Tara made me feel at ease with the decor! I never threw a party this big before, so I need help. I felt like I was going to get all the help I needed here. I wish my fiancé does his homework on venues soon, so he knows that the crystal ballroom is as good as it gets on our budget! Here are some pictures I took.
Here are some pictures from their website!!

Now I need to hear from you! Tell me what you think! I really need to hear what your opinions are about the Crystal ballroom, or your thoughts on the Country Club.

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