Thursday, October 17, 2013

Morning Necessities!

My mornings, are pretty sluggish...on my part. I'm far from being a morning person! Let me see if I can recap a morning for and don't judge I'm not currently working, because... I'm pretty much full time teacher volunteer/future educator/student/fiancee/mother to Bandit/DIY Bride on Blogger/Blog business owner/daughter/sister/friend. So my day starts around 9 AM.
  • Gil wakes me up, and I run to my Keurig and brew my coffee. 
  • While coffee brews, I try to clean the kitchen as much as I can (which basically just means I take something to the trash
  • Make my coffee, 1 tablespoon non-dairy creamer, 1 tiny spoon of sugar.
  • Grab my CLIF Bar! OMG I love these things! (I currently bought a 24 pack at They get me through my day, because it's technically an energy granola bar. Plus it makes me feel a little better given the fact that it's loaded with vitamins, and it's organic. 
  • Head back to the room, and check my email while I eat and drink. It takes me a while to get through this process, because I get about 15 read and respond to as many as I can before my adult ADD kicks in. 
  • Now that I'm feeling somewhat of a boost, I grab my computer and turn it on. I look through my blog to make sure everything is cool, and take a count of how my giveaways are doing. Then I start to promote the giveaway via FB, Twitter, Pinterest, Weheartit, google+, etc. 
  • That process takes no more than 10 minutes, and now Bandit is sitting in front of me, and pawing for my attention  He wants momma, son time, so I put on my running shoes, and take that butt head for his walk. 
  • Get back from Bandit's walk (which takes twice as long every time, because he's gotta stop every 2 sec. to smell something. And since he's been neutered, I personally believe the old boy is delusional and pretends he's still marking his territory by what he thinks is "peeing" but is literally a tiny drop of pee. lol It's really annoying after a while) I move back to the bed to lay it down for 10 minutes, because I'm tired.
  • Take out the Kindle Fire and get in a chapter before I hit the shower. 
  • Shower
  • Hair and Make-up. Doesn't take me long at all. Now it's almost lunch time, and I have more emails to answer, and projects to design. 
That's pretty much a normal morning for me, this semester. I do a lot of homework for my classes during the afternoon. I go to UCF main campus which is about an hour away and an hour back twice a week during the night. It's exhausting just driving there, and back. That I come home late and go straight to my bed, and watch New Girl with my Fiance. IT'S JESS!! lol I love that show! 

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