Monday, October 28, 2013

Weekend Shenanigans

Happy Monday Lovelies, UHH it's Monday again, and I'm still in a state of's like magic. One day it's Friday, and I literally just blink my eyes and it's Monday again.! What is that about! lol Well regardless of the fact that a new week has started, I decided to link up with Sami's Weekend Shenanigans.  Saturday morning/afternoon we headed over to Maitland to tour a beautiful venue called Holy Trinity Reception Center. I was impressed with the venue immediately. WOW, it's gorgeous. This place def gave the Crystal Ballroom a run for their money! The lady we took the tour with was extremely nice, and she of course gave us a run down of the cost. Technically, Holy Trinity is a Greek Orthodox Church, but since I'm not a member of the church I wouldn't be allowed to get married in their church. Which is ok with me, but the pictures of the church looked beautiful online. I was surprised at the fact that we couldn't see the inside of the church, but then again now that I think of it I'm not surprised at all. Basically, we're allowed to bring our own food, which is a huge plus. The kitchen in this place, puts most restaurant kitchens to shame! HOLY Kitchen guys! It gave me something to think about. 

To be honest, as I was questioning, and talking to the lady I didn't have that feeling of relief, or assurance like I did at the Crystal Ballroom. Then it hit me, people say "you just know, when you found the right venue for you". I guess their right, because I couldn't rap my head around Holy Trinity the whole time. Their's no doubt that it's a gorgeous place, but I would have to hire all separate vendors to get this place to look like the crystal ballroom, when the crystal ballroom already offers these things. I would have to get a vendor for up-lighting (the most important thing to me!), A vendor to put up swags, room attendants, a bartender (which I kind of didn't feel comfortable about drinking alcohol in a churches reception place). 
Not to mention, their decor is very limited to 6 centerpieces. If I didn't like any of the 6 centerpieces then I would have to set up my own decor, and then break it down.  I'm a really lazy person, and the thought of people setting up everything and breaking it down for me, is very convenient. Let's leave it at that, and I will def make another post comparing and contrasting the 2 venues.  Below are the pictures I took while touring. Let me know what you think, as I truly value my readers opinions. 

Since we were technically in Downtown Orlando, I wanted to stop at this wholesale flowers place I found online after our tour. It's called Florida Flowers and Orchids. I was extremely happy that I found this place, because it's awesome!! We actually rolled up to this place, and walked in to find out that the place was The guy that was there (for the life of me I can't remember his name) was nice enough to let us in, and gave us a quick tour of the fridge where they have all their wholesale flowers.  Listen, I'm a DIY Bride, so I was more than happy to find that he and his partner welcome DIY Brides, and will not try and sell me. The most annoying part of being a Bride is that fact that everyone wants to sell me. I'm not easily sold, because I'm a hustler by trait myself. (I'm the salesmen, and the haggler. I get my kicks out of walking around a flea market and haggling prices down to the price I want to  I've embarrassed my fiance and sisters a few times, but they always get what they want for the price they want it at!) My biggest concern was if they were going to have my flowers...Peonies blush/Ivory. They didn't have any in stock because they're not in season yet. Best part...peonies are in season towards the middle of November!! WHAT!!! That's amazing since my wedding will be in the middle of November. It was meant to be for my wedding, thank you!  We will be DIYing my bridesmaids bouquets and for a low cost! :)  That makes me one happy bride!

DATE NIGHT ALERT!! After a long day of wedding talk, Gil and I took a load off at our favorite Mexican restaurant Azteca. We made sure to go at a time the Mariachi's were It's not that I don't enjoy it, but it gets really loud, where I can't even have a conversion with my fiance from across the table. So when they're around and playing we basically just stare at each other annoyed, because it's really that loud! We wanted to do something different, so we ordered the fajita sampler! YUM! This place is so good! We enjoyed our food, and then we decided to get some margarita's!  

What a date night! I ended my night with one of these fish bowls! lol Hope you all have a great week! As usual I would love to hear from you if you have any advice, or comments about the venue, an what not...let me know. I love hearing different point a views, and opinions :)

Sami's Shenanigans

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