Monday, October 7, 2013

Winner is... + A Venue Hunt

First off, let's talk venue, and then below is listed the winner of the Clay Bouquet giveaway.   Saturday I had my first meeting with a venue I have been very interested in for a while. The Hunter's Creek Golf Course. I have always loved that I live in the Hunter's Creek Community, we are after all the 21st best place to live in America. It's only natural that I keep my special day close to home, and close to my heart. I loved how nice they were, and how accommodating they are. I haven't signed any contracts just yet, because I think we still want to look around for a few different venue's, but this venue is still a contender. While sitting in our meeting, I developed a pro's and cons list in my head.  Here are my con's:  1. I'm not allowed to use glitter, or candles! I know right, what the heck man! Those are wedding staples! You all know that I need my glitter, so this is something I need to think about. 2. The carpet is green. What is up with green carpet at a golf club? It feels outdated to me especially for a golf course.  3. They have a beautiful pavilion outside, and it's where I thought I could get married, in case of rain. The only problem is, the pavilion is badly located. It faces the street where I know cars will be zooming in and out of, and catching glimpse of our wedding.  Pro's 1. It's close to my home!! 2. They are so accommodating!  3. We get a 10% discount on everything including food, because we're residents.  4. They will cut off half of the reception+dance floor, if we use their food. Which their food, includes all dinnerware, silverware, cups, napkins, etc.  5. The bar, will work with whatever Gil and I want to do. Whether we prepay for 3 hours, or just buy the first round on us. The bartender fee is knocked off if we decide to do those options. 6. If I use their linen service guy, and food, all cleaning fees are waived, and my clean up is limited to my centerpieces which I will probably just have my guest take with them.  7. The guy let us know that they up charge champagne, so he gave us the wink to bring in our own toasting champagne so we wouldn't be paying a crazy amount of money.  8. Gil was excited that these people weren't trying to sale us on everything, and got along great with the General Manager.  Here's a pro and con....It's good because they don't make their money off weddings, but it's also bad that they don't make their money off weddings. If you could understand  We're still going to look around, but it's like I told Gil we got to get a move on, because some of these places require a year in advanced notice. We're pushing November.  I hope you enjoy the pics, and any feedback would be grrrrrrrreat!
And now it's time to announce my winner of the Clay Bouquet Shop Giveaway. 
Thank you everyone for participating in this wonderful giveaway sponsored by Jennifer from Clay Bouquet Shop! This lady has been such a pleasure to work with, and I really hope to work with her again!! Jennifer's shop has some amazing, and exclusive designs for a bride, and her special day! I really want a customized brooch bouquet for my special day, I hope my winner, and all my readers take a look at her shop and get something special for your wedding. 
I also want to say thank you to everyone for participating in this giveaway! I truly appreciate every one of my followers support everyday! Keep visiting DIY Bride, because their are more exciting giveaways on it's way! 
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I also have been running a breast cancer awareness giveaway for a Pink Ribbon Striped Tote bag, all the proceeds for this bag will be donated to Susan G. Komen to help save lives. If you haven't enter...enter HERE.

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