Tuesday, November 26, 2013

#2 Bloggy Addiction: Clueless B.L.O.G.G.E.R

Hi my name is Jess, and I'm addicted to blogging. 

From the moment I hit that "New Blog" button, and Published my first post, I had no idea how much my life would change. Blogging has become a part of me in every way.

When I first jumped onto the blogging scene, I kept my blog very low key. I did share my first post on pinterest. To my surprise, it did amazing on pinterest. Pins after pins encouraged me to continue blogging. There was only 1 problem. I think it's the problem most bloggers face when they hit that "New Blog" button.

  • I had no idea what I was doing! When I say I had no idea...I truly had no clue. The blogger platform was a puzzle for me to figure out. When I bumped into other blogs that had these amazing designs, I felt helpless. I felt like I was a ridiculous blogger for reasons stated below:
  1. I had no clue what I was doing.

  1. I couldn't figure out how to get my blog to represent me, and my personality. As I clicked around from blog to blog I was baffled as to how these bloggers made their blogs look amazing. If your just entering in the blogging community, please don't feel intimated. I felt very intimated at first, especially with some veteran bloggers making posts about "new bloggers". Don't listen...once you find a great group of bloggers, stick with them. I'm a humble blogger, and love helping others out. You need a good design to raise interest and eyebrows. My blog was overlooked until I set up a design on my blog. It's made it's transformation throughout the months. I stay with my glitter though :)

  1. What would my blog be about? My first post was "How to make your own wedding planner" which means I had to be a bridal blogger? I didn't know I could be whatever type of blogger I wanted. This isn't a cookie cutter type of deal, so be open as to what kind of blogger you are. I'm currently a lifestyle, DIY, wedding, bridal blogger. It's all over the place, but it's me! Keep an open mind, and make your blog what you want it! It doesn't have to follow under a certain category! 
  2. How long/short/funny/serious/happy/annoying should I make my voice. I had trouble with this one, because I didn't want to be annoying...lol I think we all have a fear that others might find us annoying. At first I was closed off. My posts weren't very personal, or with much of my personality. Be yourself. From the onset...be yourself. My personality is trademarked all over my bloggy. My posts are equipped with my corny self, and to be honest I like it that way. I'm not trying to be something I'm not, and readers can pick up on it. The more you open up, the more people will be intrigued with you and your blog. 
  3. Difference between share it buttons and follow buttons. I had no clue! I just knew I wanted buttons...lol Let's face it, every blogger had some kind of buttons, which made me want them more. Google was my best friend during this time, because the bloggers I reached out to were either not responding to my emails, or vanished from the face of the earth...lol Yes, I said it...but you were thinking it ;) You need them. To be very honest, I was desperate for those really cute follow me buttons right under every bloggers picture and intro. I researched google forever it seemed. I finally figured it out, and got to work. All you need is picmonkey to be honest. (I'll get back to this in a later post)
  4. I stumbled on a blog one day and noticed something they called a blog hop. I was curious as to what the heck that was...lol I was lost. The pictures, and links and what not. I finally figured it out. Wow I was so lost. Then I came across blogs with link ups. What the heck man! They're the same thing...lol just call it one thing. Raise the roof if you felt the same way.

I know my numbers are all messed up...lol Ignore my lazy embedding. Add while writing the post, not write and then add. You will get messed up numbers. Oh well. 

  • Giveaways? How? What? When? Where? Why? I had no clue as to how to get giveaways going on my blog. I noticed other bloggers had giveaways galore, and no one wanted to spill the secret as to how they got these sponsors. Here is where my bestie Google informed me a little. Researched everything on my own because it seemed like other bloggers I knew of at the time weren't much help. You need a giveaway or two to get your started. You don't want to get carried away with them though. I will be making a separate post about what I know about giveaways and what not. I'm not a professional or know it all, I;m just going to share what I learned through hosting my own giveaways. For now google Etsy Giveaways. Etsy will be your bestie.
  • Social Media Promoting. I didn't have half the accounts I have now on social media. I guess they help with promoting your blog. The more you social media and hashtag the more recognition your will receive. To be honest, I still fall behind in this category, because ...
LOL You know it's true. All right lovies, that's all I got for today because I was suppose to write this post in the morning, but got lazy. Now I'm running late for class...lol Come back next week for more :) Oh and drop me a line or two...Everybody got time for that.


Monday, November 25, 2013

$50 Gift Card to Rakun Shop GIVEAWAY

Hey there Monday! 

With Monday comes another great giveaway from RakunShop on Etsy. Meghan Throckmorton is the owner of this great and creative shop! We have teamed up to giveaway a $50.00 gift card to one luck winner.

Meghan's Etsy Shop Rakun has a variety of great items which include embroidered pendants. She also has done custom gemstone jewelry for weddings. These beautiful necklaces aren't found in her shop, but she can make high end wedding party gifts for your bridesmaids. The necklaces are just fabulous, and are included below. 
Below are some pictures of the great items you can find in her store. From embroidered pendants, to Christmas ornaments, to bridal shoes, and gorgeous wooden rings. 
This giveaway starts today  11/25/2013 at 4:00 PM, and ends 12/4/2013 at 11:59 PM.  Remember you MUST be a DIY Bride Follower VIA GCF to enter this giveaway!    
Winner will be announced on 12/5/2013 in the afternoon!! Good Luck everyone! 

48 hours to respond to email if won. Open Internationally/+18 ONLY review terms and conditions on rafflecopter.


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Elizabeth Koh Scarf Giveaway Winner

Good Afternoon Lovies, I have great news! We have a winner of the Elizabeth Koh Scarf Giveaway!! Yay. Congrats to #320 Heidi Madsen Robbins for winning a beautiful scarf from Elizabeth Koh Designer Scarves.
Thank you everyone for participating in this wonderful giveaway sponsored by Janelle from Elizabeth Koh Designer Scarves! This lovely lady has a great shop in Etsy, and I really enjoyed working with her. I really hope I get the chance to work with Janelle again.  I encourage all my readers to drop by her shop and check out her handcrafted scarves, it's for a good cause. 

I truly appreciate every one of my followers support everyday! Keep visiting DIY Bride, because their are more exciting giveaways on it's way! (On Monday :))


Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Wedding Wednesday: Venue Tour

This weekend I finally got to tour a place I've been very interested in since I came across it about 3 weeks ago. I sent about 3 emails, to this venue with no response...annoying. I gave my fiance Gil the torch to bother them on Saturday. lol He made us an appointment right then and there! I was excited! I've been waiting to hear from this venue for a while, and the pictures I saw were just amazing. 
The place is called Orlando History Regional Center, and it's amazingly beautiful. It's located in the heart of Downtown Orlando, right by Lake Eola. When I stumbled upon the option of having a History Center wedding, I would get that butterfly fluttering in my stomach feeling. I originally had this venue in mind for just the ceremony. I figured the reception would be over the top expensive, so I didn't think twice about having a reception there as well. 
My original thought was to have the Ceremony at the History Center, and head over to the Crystal Ballroom. I'm not fond of the Crystal Ballroom's ceremony space, so I went crazy if you could recall looking for a Ceremony spaces. I hate the idea of having two different venues. It was killing me, but the Crystal Ballroom had me sold! 
We arrived at this venue, and waited to meet with the wedding director. We waited a while, but when you meet with venue's this always happens. A young man walks up to Gil and I, and my first thought (I'm a horrible hypocrite...lol truth!) "this is a kid? I don't want a kid to be in charge of my special day!" I'm horrible, but I'm also being very truthful...lol I degress... 
So I'm standing there, trying hard to let these thoughts pass me, because right now I'm being very closed minded, and above all a hypocrite. I'm a young woman, and I'm 28 years old. People's first impression of how old I am is always that I must be "12" (this is normal when there's older (mean) bitter women around), but my fellow co-worker think I just celebrated a 21st birthday. My reaction to that is "I did just celebrate my 7th annual 21st birthday party!! How did you know" lol 
 We start our tour, and he hands me the price list, I didn't even want to look at the prices because I just knew it was going to be more than what I would be willing to spend, so I handed it over to Gil. Gil looks over the prices for a while and I noticed he hadn't keeled over and passed out of a heart attack, instead I see his intrigued look. I begin to be intrigued as well, and when the wedding director (who should have a name by name) asks us if we want just the ceremony or reception, Gil says both. I immediately look up and see Gil smile at me. Ladies, it's been a pain in the ass (if I'm being truthful) to get this man to smile or be interested in any of the venue's we've toured. For the most part he's been a great sport, but never like this! So willing! I see how happy he is, and he hands me the list. To my surprise, I'm SHOCKED! Shocked in a great way! I can't believe my eyes, and even better my fiance looks excited. The wedding director takes us up to the 3rd floor (I think) which is where the reception takes place. 
We were lucky enough to schedule this tour at that specific time, because they were setting up for a wedding for that evening, so we got to see how things work.  
This space comes with a dance floor, tables, chairs, and uplighting!!! I love uplighting! It's been one of my must have's in planning this wedding. The space is gorgeous, and we loved it! Next we went by the Ceremony Space.
I didn't get the best picture, because there was actually a couple taking their engagement photo's in the Ceremony space, and I didn't want them in my pictures, or disturb them. The Ceremony space, is a 1927 Courtroom, and it's very nice. Fits a good number of guests, and comes with candles. They will allow me to decorate as I wish, plus they'll clean it up when we're done. 
Next, he took us to the grooms room, and the bridal suite. Which both are on different floors. :D YAY! 
From there, we went down to the first floor to the atrium, where cocktail hour would take place. Which is amazing, plus this space comes with tables.
So here's the run down...We basically get to rent the whole building for our wedding, which is amazing! The space is very cultured, and has so many photo opportunities.
Bad news,  I have to make my own centerpieces, but they said they'd help me set them up. Also we have to use their caters list, which is small, and from what I've seen so far...their expensive. If we don't use their cater, we have to pay a $500 penalty. Plus, this doesn't include any linens, which mean I have to add that to the list of things to get :( 
We haven't made any decisions, but I will leave you with one thought, and note...the fact that this venue excited myself and my groom earns a triple +++! We'll be making our decision very soon, so stand by!!

As always, I love hearing from my readers! Even if your not a follower, and just came by, drop me a line or two!
Chits and Giggles


Tuesday, November 19, 2013

#1 Bloggy Addiction: Why the B.L.O.G scared me

Hi my name is Jess, and I'm addicted to blogging. My downfall down the blogging rabbit hole, started about 6 months ago. lol WEEEEE
The semester had just ended and I was on a small break before the start of my summer classes. I'm currently not working because between being a full time student, I also need to be a volunteered teacher assistant. It's time consuming, but when I'm on break, I get super bored. I'm the type of person that has to be doing something. I have to be working on a project, cleaning, writing, trying to get ahead in classes, something. It's really hard for me to sit around and do nothing. So I tried to just relax for a little bit, and started flipping through the channels, and I couldn't find a thing to watch on TV. The pull to blog was so great that I needed to regain all sense, so I cleaned the whole house from top to bottom. I gave my dog a bath, and walked him for the second time just because. I organized my drawers, and closet. I basically was bored out of my mind on my second day of vacation. It was a feeling I longed for during the semester, and now that I had complete and utter boredness I didn't know what to do with myself. Bored out of my mind, and basically waiting for my future hubby to return home was driving me crazy...lol I found myself doing weird things to entertain myself. And if hubs knew....lol I'm sure he would've written me a list of all the things he wanted done before his return home...lol 
will ferrell gifs photo: Will Ferrell \"Cowbell\" cowbell.gif
The pull of the bloggy world was calling my name, and I couldn't resist it. I basically starred at my computer for a long period of time, trying to find the courage to start something that would be displayed for the whole world to read and see. It scared me, for all the obvious reasons below. 

Why blogging scared me-WHAT IF... 

1. What if...No one wanted to read my blog? 
2. What if...People hate my blog? 
3. What if...My friends and family judged me based upon my blog? 
4. What if...For some reason, I wouldn't be taken seriously?
5. What if...I got back bad feedback, and negativity from strangers?
6. What if...Sharing my life on the internet would bite me in my butt later when looking for a teaching position?
7. What if...My blog just took up space on the internet?
8. What if...My fiance would feel upset that I was sharing our lives on the internet for the whole world to see?
9. What if...Someone copied my content an used it for their own blog?
10.What if... I started to get writer's block?
11. What if...I just got tired of blogging, and it started to feel like a job more than a fun hobby? 12. What if...My readers just stop following my blog? 
13. What if...I couldn't connect with other bloggers?
14. What if...being a bridal blogger annoyed people?
15. What if...an ex from my (or my fiance's) past stumbled up on my blog?
16.What if...I share tou much of myself?
17. What if...My readers felt unwelcomed, or offended?
18.What if...My voice didn't matter?
new girl gifs photo: The New Girl TheNewGirl-JessHelpaBrothaOut.gif
Needless to say, I let go of all my fears and launched my blog. I started by introducing it to my friends on Facebook for a day before I deleted it...lol No one from my Facebook paid attention...what's up with that yo? Help a brotha' out! lol I didn't put much effort in promoting it, because maybe I wasn't ready to share it? Maybe some of my fears still plagued me? 

Thus far, I have enjoyed my time blogging! It's an addiction, I have no intention of breaking. My blog is my voice! I have a little corner of the bloggy world, that from time to time, gets recognized. I've met so many great people through my blog, and it's an amazing feeling. I'm so happy...Blogging has been great for the soul. Come by next week for #2 Bloggy Addict.
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Friday, November 15, 2013

CELEBRATING:How to Make your Own Wedding Planner {Free Printables}-TAKE 2

It's Friday, and a special day for me and my blog! Happy 6 month Bloggy Anniversary!!! Yay! 6 months ago on this day, I went on a whim and started a blog. My first post as a bridal blogger was "How to make your own Wedding Planner" and since then it's been the most viewed post on my blog! In celebrating my blogs 6 month Anniversary, I will re-post this, and thank all my readers for appreciating this post so much! Blogging thus far has been such an enjoyable experience, and my only regret is not doing it sooner! 

{(Feel free to pin this guide to pinterest)} 

After searching high and low in every book store in my area for the perfect wedding planner...I decided to make my own.  First of all, I love office supplies! I love the idea of planners, so this decision was easy for me. (I also made my own lesson planning notebook this way as well, since being a teacher is stressful enough. Lesson planning in style calms me!)
I started by searching google, tumblr, and pinterest. I came across several awesome sites that offer you an effective planner that include timelines, lists, contact info, etc. 
I already had a binder that I loved, so I started with that. I did get it at Staples, and it's a Martha Stewart office supply (1 inch binder). I absolutely love Martha Stewart office supplies, and I actually made my lesson planning book using the Martha Stewart's discbound notebook. Anyways, Staples always has coupons in their weekly ad for the Martha Stewart's office supply line. I did buy new dividers for this planner, and a zip pouch to hold all my small business cards. (These are apart of the Martha Stewart office supply line at Staples.) The beautiful pen that's on top of my planner was actually a gift, but it's a Swarovski Crystalline Rose Pearl Pen. I call it my teacher/bride pen. 

Everyone has a different way of planning, so you can customize your planner the way you want. I just started by trying not to spend too much money on something I will ultimately breakdown and throw away. I bought my post it's at the dollar store (I try and go to the dollar store whenever I see one). I use them for everything, so I stuck my post it panel in my wedding planner, because let's face it...everyone needs their post it's. (And we don't want to spend more than what's needed for them either.) They do their job, and the best part of this is that it fits right into the binder, and has different sizes, and shapes!! I love it. Only $1. After my post it's, I have my Martha Stewart zip pouch. The total cost of my wedding planner ($14.17- this includes the already bought binder. Make sure you wait to buy anything at Staples until there's a good coupon. I waited until I saw a 40% off coupon.)

First, I have to tell you that all the paper that's in my planner was printed, and FREE!! (I will include the free printable links. Free printable Wedding Planners are everywhere online.) I started with my calendar. I actually found this calendar on a website called Infarrantly Creative. (Thank you Infarrantly Creative for this calendar) Click here for the Free printable calendar.
Don't get scared if it refers you to a blog planner website. This is a blog calendar, Yes...lol but I have my specific ways, and I preferred a portrait calendar over a landscaped calendar. I have to have my calendar, because it's not a planner without one. If you plan differently and don't need a calendar, then go ahead and skip this step. I should also include that Martha Stewart actually has an insert-able calendar to go with this binder. If you prefer it, but I didn't get it because it was pricey and I thought why buy something you can get for free on the Internet right? So I searched, and searched and finally came across this calendar. You can fill it in and print out as many as you need.

UPDATE 11/15/2013: Since writing this post, I do use the calendar in this planner, but I also found another great resource from Michelle Lea Designs. I need a weekly planner to help me organize my weeks separatley. I used this weekly planner in my bridesmaids planners, and I love it so much I printed out 52 weeks of the weekly planner for my own Wedding Planner.  Michelle's blog has so many other printable planners for all you DIY ladies out there, I strongly recommend that you visit her blog to find so much more!! 
If you want to print out this weekly planner go to Michelle Lea Designs blog. or Click here.

For the cute  "Marriage Certificate" Free Printable click here. 
This is from a fellow blogger on blogspot The Graphics Fairy. Thank you for the cute little certificate Karen The Graphic Fairy. The Graphic Fairy blogspot.

I used 5 dividers to mark the most important things in my wedding. I'm not throwing a huge wedding so I didn't need separate dividers for every little thing. 

1. Important
2. Budget
3. Guests
4. Ceremony & Reception
5. Miscellaneous

What I put in the tabs:


  • Wedding Timeline 
  • Wedding Checklist
  • Bridal Party
  • Bridal Party Contact Information
  • Day of the Wedding Checklist
  • Wedding Day Timeline
  • Emergency Kit
  • Vendor Contact Information 


  • Budget Worksheets 
  • (Includes Engagement Party, Rehearsal Dinner, Brunch, etc.)
  • Ceremony Budget worksheet
  • Reception costs, food & drinks, flowers, photos, transportation, music, etc. 

  • Brides Guest List
  • Groom Guest List
  • Final Guest List
  • Guest List tracker
    • Includes address
    • Children
    • Table #
    • Entree Choice
    • Events to attend
    • RSVP
    • Hotel (if out of town guest)

  1. Ceremony & Reception-
  • Ceremony Worksheet
  • Table Plans
  • Floor Plan
  • Flowers
  • Menu
  • Music
  • Photo shot list
  • Rentals
  • Transportation
  • Wedding Cake
  • Wedding Invites
  • Contracts
  • Officiant Info
  • Programs
  • Decor
  • Beauty everything.
    • Bride's gown
    • Hair
    • makeup
    • Bridal salon appt.
    • Bridesmaids beauty
    • Bridesmaids fashion
    • Groom's tux
    • Groomsmen tux
  • Registry Info
  • Travel Accommodations
  • Honeymoon Travel Info

The Wedding Planner I use (downloaded, and printed) is from Russell&Hazel. click here to get the russell&hazel free printable wedding planner. Thank you Russell&Hazel for this amazing wedding planner. It has almost everything that you need. It's free, and downloadable. It's getting the job done. 

I also used a wedding stationary from Chrystalace Wedding Stationary click here for Free printable
Here are some more resources that I didn't use in my Wedding Planner, but I thought they were great and very useful!!
  1. http://www.magnetstreet.com/pdfs/Weddings/Wedding-Planning-Checklist.pdf
  2. http://www.diybride.com/blog/2013/01/10/planning-the-wedding-free-printable-wedding-planner/
  3. http://www.niagaraweddinghelper.com/wed_plan_book.htm
  4. http://www.contemporarybride.com/pdfs/Wedding_Timeline.pdf
  5. http://www.bridalfantasy.com/download-wedding-planner/
  6. http://www.bridesclub.com/bridesclub-wedding-planner.cfm
Thank you for reading this post, and making it successful! I'm so grateful to have so many wonderful readers on my blog. I value everyone's time, and love to hear from you if you have any questions, or comments! I 


Thursday, November 14, 2013

How to Make a Ribbon Wreath: NCAA UCF style

Happy Tailgating!
I was basically watching TV when out of no where I had the urge to get up and make my own wreath. I've been wanting to make one for a while, but just never got around to it. Then while Gil was working in his office, I decided to go to Michael's and see what I could come up with on a budget. Disclosure: making your own ribbon wreath can be costly! You have to actually plan it out! I visited the Michael's website before heading over, because I wanted to make sure what I was getting was on sale. 
Michael's always has sales, so the planning out there shouldn't be long. I was really lucky, because all the ribbon was 60% off at the time because of Christmas :D


1. Ribbon (as many as you could afford, and find. I got 6 spools, but I wish I got 7.)
2. 1 Ribbon for covering the wreath. Usually a fatter ribbon.
3. Foam 14' inch wreath
4. Straight pins. 
5. Wooden Letters (If desired/optional)
6. Glitter or some kind of paint (to cover the wooden letters, and again this is optional)
7. Glitter Glue
8. Glue Gun/and Glue sticks (for Letters/optional)
9. Scissors
10. Ruler

So I basically got 6 spools of ribbon. My Universities (UCF) colors are Black, Gold, and White (occasionally) I love the UCF colors! I was suppose to make this wreath before the Football season kicked off, but I got busy and forgot. So once I saw that we were competing for the #1 spot in the American Athletics Conference I had to get off my butt and make the wreath!  

Next step, I covered the wreath with my fatter, longer ribbon spool. I wish I would've taken a picture of the process but it was hard to keep the ribbon in place and try and take pictures at the same time...lol I wanted it nice and tight. After I covered the whole wreath, I stuck pins all around the ribbon to make sure it was secure and tight. 

After covering my wreath (and essentially myself with glitter) I began covering my letters with glitter. First the glue, then the glitter. I waited for it to dry. (It takes about an hour or two to completely dry.) Then I covered the letters with glue again, and sprinkled more glitter for the second layer. I then waited for it dry again, and covered the letters with glue to smooth-en out the glitter, and keep the glitter from falling off in the future. 

While I was waiting for the glitter to dry on my letters, I began cutting all my ribbon in 4 inch strips. My first mistake, and please don't do what I did, I only cut up half of each spool of ribbon. I thought I wasn't going to use all the ribbon spools....HA! You will use the whole spools, if not more! Just saying. Cut it up and don't think your going to conserve. I actually used the fatter ribbon as well, I just cut the ribbon in half. Towards the end of the pinning I did cut the fatter black one, and the black and white dots in half to fill up empty spaces. 

When your done cutting up all your ribbon, start rolling them, and stick a pen in the middle, so they can be ready for you to pin all around your wreath. I would start doing this while your glitter is drying. Roll them like the picture below. 

Stick the pin in the middle! Depending on how thick your ribbon is, you might need more than one pin to keep it in place. I used 2 pins for each of my fat black silk ribbon, because it didn't look like it would stay in place and fall off. 

These are the pins I used. I got mine from Michael's but honestly get them where ever you find them for cheap.

I rolled all my ribbons, and stuck pens in the middle. Once I was done rolling, and glittering, I began pinning. I started with my strongest color which for me was the all black ribbon, because it's the fattest and it required 2 pins per ribbon strip. 

I just pinned, pinned, and pinned. I pinned until I couldn't pin anymore...lol I wish I would've taken pictures of the pinning process, but once you start pinning, it starts getting addictive, and you can't stop. 
Side note: I used glitter ribbon, and it was such a hassle because I had glitter all over myself. I pinned on a newspaper so I wouldn't get the glitter all over my house. If you choose to use glitter, just be aware that it gets everywhere. Not to mention I have bad allergies, and I think I inhaled glitter which left me with a stuffed up nose for a while. 
I also wish I would've gotten a white ribbon, to contrast the colors more. 

Once I was done pinning my fingers hurt so bad...lol I will disclose it hurts your fingers! Hence the red dot in the middle of my index finger. You'll see it if you look hard enough. 

Now that my index finger is permanently bruised, I popped open a cold one and reclined in my chair, because this is time consuming as well as wear and tear on your back, knees, and hands. Pheww! I don't think I would be able to sell these bad boys, because it's labor intensive. I'm just kidding. I'm just being a baby! 

Once I took a 10 minute break, and regained feeling in my back, and knee's I plugged in the glue gun, and centered my letters. Then Once I was happy with the letter placement, I glued down the letters one by one.

After I was happy with my end product, I took a few snapshots, and called it a night. I was finally done. This projects takes at least a few hours, between gluing the glitter on my letters, wrapping the wreath, cutting all the ribbon, rolling and pinning each strip, pinning ribbon onto wreath, and gluing letters! I think I estimated it taking 2 hours for the glitter, 3 hours for cutting ribbon, rolling, and pinning. So roughly 5 to 6 hours. 
I'm a perfectionist so it might take a shorter amount of time for you. 
End product below. Please excuse me in my sweats in the background :)

That's about it for my project, and I'm really happy with my end project. I love hearing from my readers, so drop me a line and tell me what you think. As always I'm open to answering any questions you have :) Thanks for reading!