Tuesday, November 26, 2013

#2 Bloggy Addiction: Clueless B.L.O.G.G.E.R

Hi my name is Jess, and I'm addicted to blogging. 

From the moment I hit that "New Blog" button, and Published my first post, I had no idea how much my life would change. Blogging has become a part of me in every way.

When I first jumped onto the blogging scene, I kept my blog very low key. I did share my first post on pinterest. To my surprise, it did amazing on pinterest. Pins after pins encouraged me to continue blogging. There was only 1 problem. I think it's the problem most bloggers face when they hit that "New Blog" button.

  • I had no idea what I was doing! When I say I had no idea...I truly had no clue. The blogger platform was a puzzle for me to figure out. When I bumped into other blogs that had these amazing designs, I felt helpless. I felt like I was a ridiculous blogger for reasons stated below:
  1. I had no clue what I was doing.

  1. I couldn't figure out how to get my blog to represent me, and my personality. As I clicked around from blog to blog I was baffled as to how these bloggers made their blogs look amazing. If your just entering in the blogging community, please don't feel intimated. I felt very intimated at first, especially with some veteran bloggers making posts about "new bloggers". Don't listen...once you find a great group of bloggers, stick with them. I'm a humble blogger, and love helping others out. You need a good design to raise interest and eyebrows. My blog was overlooked until I set up a design on my blog. It's made it's transformation throughout the months. I stay with my glitter though :)

  1. What would my blog be about? My first post was "How to make your own wedding planner" which means I had to be a bridal blogger? I didn't know I could be whatever type of blogger I wanted. This isn't a cookie cutter type of deal, so be open as to what kind of blogger you are. I'm currently a lifestyle, DIY, wedding, bridal blogger. It's all over the place, but it's me! Keep an open mind, and make your blog what you want it! It doesn't have to follow under a certain category! 
  2. How long/short/funny/serious/happy/annoying should I make my voice. I had trouble with this one, because I didn't want to be annoying...lol I think we all have a fear that others might find us annoying. At first I was closed off. My posts weren't very personal, or with much of my personality. Be yourself. From the onset...be yourself. My personality is trademarked all over my bloggy. My posts are equipped with my corny self, and to be honest I like it that way. I'm not trying to be something I'm not, and readers can pick up on it. The more you open up, the more people will be intrigued with you and your blog. 
  3. Difference between share it buttons and follow buttons. I had no clue! I just knew I wanted buttons...lol Let's face it, every blogger had some kind of buttons, which made me want them more. Google was my best friend during this time, because the bloggers I reached out to were either not responding to my emails, or vanished from the face of the earth...lol Yes, I said it...but you were thinking it ;) You need them. To be very honest, I was desperate for those really cute follow me buttons right under every bloggers picture and intro. I researched google forever it seemed. I finally figured it out, and got to work. All you need is picmonkey to be honest. (I'll get back to this in a later post)
  4. I stumbled on a blog one day and noticed something they called a blog hop. I was curious as to what the heck that was...lol I was lost. The pictures, and links and what not. I finally figured it out. Wow I was so lost. Then I came across blogs with link ups. What the heck man! They're the same thing...lol just call it one thing. Raise the roof if you felt the same way.

I know my numbers are all messed up...lol Ignore my lazy embedding. Add while writing the post, not write and then add. You will get messed up numbers. Oh well. 

  • Giveaways? How? What? When? Where? Why? I had no clue as to how to get giveaways going on my blog. I noticed other bloggers had giveaways galore, and no one wanted to spill the secret as to how they got these sponsors. Here is where my bestie Google informed me a little. Researched everything on my own because it seemed like other bloggers I knew of at the time weren't much help. You need a giveaway or two to get your started. You don't want to get carried away with them though. I will be making a separate post about what I know about giveaways and what not. I'm not a professional or know it all, I;m just going to share what I learned through hosting my own giveaways. For now google Etsy Giveaways. Etsy will be your bestie.
  • Social Media Promoting. I didn't have half the accounts I have now on social media. I guess they help with promoting your blog. The more you social media and hashtag the more recognition your will receive. To be honest, I still fall behind in this category, because ...
LOL You know it's true. All right lovies, that's all I got for today because I was suppose to write this post in the morning, but got lazy. Now I'm running late for class...lol Come back next week for more :) Oh and drop me a line or two...Everybody got time for that.


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