Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A Great Long Weekend Shenanigans

Sami's Shenanigans
Hello all, I had a very nice, long and relaxing weekend! My weekend started on Friday with Gil and Bandit. Unfortunately, we had to take Bandit to the Vet because he had accidentally ate a small glove of garlic a week before. I figured he would be OK because he literally threw up the garlic in huge chunks, and didn't show any other signs of sickness. Then I did my research, and read how deadly garlic and onions could be to dogs if eaten in huge portions. So Gil made the appointment and we ended up taking him. I really hate going to the vets office, because I'm allergic to cats, and dogs (especially when there's a huge quantity of animals around with their hair and dander). We found out that Bandit didn't eat enough to cause him any severe damage, but I did want to bring up a few things I had concerns about with Bandit. Like the way he kind of excessively licks his paws and arms. So the vet prescribed something for it, and I was super happy to take care of that. Only thing, Bandit is probably hating Gil and I right now because he had to be a cone head for 3 days straight! lol
That's my cone head!

  SATURDAY. Gil and I made our way to an appointment with  venue called Tuscawilla Country Club. I can't wait to tell you about this venue, but that'll be for tomorrow on Wedding Wednesday!! So stay tuned!  Tuscawilla is far from where Gil and I live but it's absolutely beautiful!!  So I've literally been bothering Gil about trying Greek food. I never tried Greek food, and I kept hearing great things about it! I tried Humus, because it's been a craze lately, and I somewhat liked it. So we ventured out to a place Gil found a few weeks earlier, and loves. The place is right next to UCF and is called NAR. NAR serves Mediterranean food, but I heard they're very similar so it was good enough for me. 
I initially watched the "Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives" on the food network the night before, and had a list of the things I watched to try...lol  1. Falafel (I had to idea what this was or what it was made out of...but I wanted to try it.) 2. Baklava- but the one I seen with actual food in it, not the dessert.  3. Gyros meat 4. Greek salad. That's about as far as I was willing to go with my first experience...lol As we got to the place, I had a lovely conversion with the guy in the front while Gil used the bathroom and found out he was Greek. He gave me his recommendations as to what to try on my first Greek adventure. He also gave me a free Falafel to try :) and a few samples of their Gyros meat. I ended up with a chicken kabob, pita bread, humus, a fafafel, salad, and dessert baklava...lol Everything was delicious! I got to meet the owner of the restaurant and he was so kind and very funny! It was truly the best first time experience ever! I think I might be making secret trips to this restaurant when I'm by UCF lol After Gil and I stuffed out faces we headed home, and we watched the UCF Homecoming game! WHAT A GAME!! Go KNIGHTS! We won, and needless to say we are #1 in the AAC!!! Woot Woot! That's such a huge deal for UCF Football because we've never been at the #1 spot! I was so excited about winning this game, and ended up doing an DIY project to celebrate. You'll see that post Thursday! Stay tuned!! 

  SUNDAY We had another appointment with another venue, which was an accident. I didn't mean to schedule back to back tours, and annoy my fiance...lol I contacted the one of the venue's and when I didn't hear anything, I went ahead and scheduled with the other venue. Then the first venue answered. It was a mess but we still went, and Gil was some what of a good sport...lol You'll hear about the venue tomorrow as promised earlier.  After we toured the venue we were actually starving, and since we were right next to downtown I begged Gil to take me to our favorite Chinese restaurant "Tasty Wok".  I could eat here everyday, it's that good!! 
After chowing down, we decided to find a venue in downtown that we're interested in, but after sending 2 emails we still haven't heard from them. Which is surprising because it was over a week ago! We just wanted to drive by it. I was very grateful to find that the building we were looking for was right next to Lake Eola. That's a huge park in downtown Orlando. We spotted swan boat rides from the car, and I gave Gil my best smile, and he immediately agreed without having said any words...lol AWESOME!  I live for spontaneous activity, especially if we're in downtown Orlando. We eventually found a parking spot, and walked over to the swan boat rides attraction.  We grabbed a beer during our wait, and had ourselves a great date night detour! It was really amazing! The swan boat was a paddle boat, in which we both never done before. I had to take over the steering, because my NAVY Vet kept wanting to go left...lol So at first we went in left circles lmao! It was funny, and a lot of fun. I got some great pictures of the date below, except for the first one, it was so dark and my camera's flash is horrible. 
MONDAY Was Veteran's Day!! Yay!! I wish I could tell you we went out and did so many things, but we were being lazy. By the time we left the house it was about 5 PM...lol We headed over to the mall to Gil's favorite gourmet pizza. California Pizza Kitchen. They gave all Veteran's a free pizza, so of course we couldn't pass that up! I wasn't too hungry so I just ate 2 pieces of Gil's pizza, which was all right. 
Later after walking around the mall we went home and watched a movie. After our movie was finished Gil wanted to go to Olive Garden because they were giving Veteran's a free entree! On the special menu was Gil's favorite dish "Sausage and Peppers Rustica" so we had to go over there to get his free entree. I was surprisingly hungry an ate 2 bowls of soup and a few bites of my pasta. It was delish! 
Now it's Tuesday, and back to the hustle an bustle of the week :( Blah. The only great thing about this long weekend is the fact that the weekend will be here very soon!

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