Monday, November 4, 2013

Bacon Waffles and Weekend Shenanigans

Sami's Shenanigans
It's Monday again, and I'm feeling a little blue that this weekend went by with lighting speed. BLAH! This weekend was an eventful one though without wedding planning, which has been great for my soul, but not really for my mind. 

CHICKEN AND WAFFLES!!! The babe and I wanted to try a new place we'd heard about called the Hash House. We drove by it a few times, and once we saw a coupon on Groupon we were all over it! lol  The food was amazing! It was probably the highlight of my day!  
 This place is crazy with portions, but I love that! They gave me 4 Belgium waffles, with actual stripes of bacon cooked into the waffle along with 2 fried chicken breasts...woah, and the green stuff on the top are fried leeks. This was absolutely amazing! I literally couldn't stop eating it. My fiance got the chicken as well, but did a combination with eggs, biscuit, bacon mash, and tomatoes, which was delicious as well! The portions were so crazy, that we literally waddled out of Below you'll find a picture of me "sucking it in", because the amount of food I had just engorged left me with what looked like a baby 
After we hate copious amounts of bacon, and chicken, I wanted to walk off the food, so babe took me to the outlets (which is located right down the street from the Hash House). I was on a mission for some awesome jeans, but one thing I learned about the outlets is, you never find what you go there looking for. You just won't find it! Go when you don't care to buy anything. I've been a few times with an agenda to find sandals, and I couldn't find one pair. Then I went this Saturday to find at least one pair of jeans, and I didn't find anything. The Guess Outlet had some jeans on sale, but what's up with that faded look on the butt and legs? I found a few pairs, but couldn't wrap my head around paying $60-$80 for a pair of jeans. Blah! Mission failed. 

Babe made me a delish breakfast! Eggs over medium, thick fried ham, tostones, and a fresh baguette from Publix! YUM! We're pretty much lazy people, especially on Sundays so we lounged around.Later on that day, we met up with my sister Carmen, her fiance Rey (Gil's cousin) and our nieces to watch a movie, and have dinner for Reiyanne's Birthday celebration.  We watched Gravity and it was pretty good! We headed over to Carraba's because that's Reiyanne's favorite and had some dinner.  I don't know what happened to that place, but we were all in agreement that their standards went down drastically! The portions were very controlled, like we ordered a lunch portion. It was pretty bad. I'm sticking to Olive Garden for now, because the babe and I love their sausage and peppers rustica! (the toasted ravioli's and the fried zucchini's) 
That's about it for my weekend, with a little break from the wedding planning. 

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