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How to Make a Ribbon Wreath: NCAA UCF style

Happy Tailgating!
I was basically watching TV when out of no where I had the urge to get up and make my own wreath. I've been wanting to make one for a while, but just never got around to it. Then while Gil was working in his office, I decided to go to Michael's and see what I could come up with on a budget. Disclosure: making your own ribbon wreath can be costly! You have to actually plan it out! I visited the Michael's website before heading over, because I wanted to make sure what I was getting was on sale. 
Michael's always has sales, so the planning out there shouldn't be long. I was really lucky, because all the ribbon was 60% off at the time because of Christmas :D


1. Ribbon (as many as you could afford, and find. I got 6 spools, but I wish I got 7.)
2. 1 Ribbon for covering the wreath. Usually a fatter ribbon.
3. Foam 14' inch wreath
4. Straight pins. 
5. Wooden Letters (If desired/optional)
6. Glitter or some kind of paint (to cover the wooden letters, and again this is optional)
7. Glitter Glue
8. Glue Gun/and Glue sticks (for Letters/optional)
9. Scissors
10. Ruler

So I basically got 6 spools of ribbon. My Universities (UCF) colors are Black, Gold, and White (occasionally) I love the UCF colors! I was suppose to make this wreath before the Football season kicked off, but I got busy and forgot. So once I saw that we were competing for the #1 spot in the American Athletics Conference I had to get off my butt and make the wreath!  

Next step, I covered the wreath with my fatter, longer ribbon spool. I wish I would've taken a picture of the process but it was hard to keep the ribbon in place and try and take pictures at the same I wanted it nice and tight. After I covered the whole wreath, I stuck pins all around the ribbon to make sure it was secure and tight. 

After covering my wreath (and essentially myself with glitter) I began covering my letters with glitter. First the glue, then the glitter. I waited for it to dry. (It takes about an hour or two to completely dry.) Then I covered the letters with glue again, and sprinkled more glitter for the second layer. I then waited for it dry again, and covered the letters with glue to smooth-en out the glitter, and keep the glitter from falling off in the future. 

While I was waiting for the glitter to dry on my letters, I began cutting all my ribbon in 4 inch strips. My first mistake, and please don't do what I did, I only cut up half of each spool of ribbon. I thought I wasn't going to use all the ribbon spools....HA! You will use the whole spools, if not more! Just saying. Cut it up and don't think your going to conserve. I actually used the fatter ribbon as well, I just cut the ribbon in half. Towards the end of the pinning I did cut the fatter black one, and the black and white dots in half to fill up empty spaces. 

When your done cutting up all your ribbon, start rolling them, and stick a pen in the middle, so they can be ready for you to pin all around your wreath. I would start doing this while your glitter is drying. Roll them like the picture below. 

Stick the pin in the middle! Depending on how thick your ribbon is, you might need more than one pin to keep it in place. I used 2 pins for each of my fat black silk ribbon, because it didn't look like it would stay in place and fall off. 

These are the pins I used. I got mine from Michael's but honestly get them where ever you find them for cheap.

I rolled all my ribbons, and stuck pens in the middle. Once I was done rolling, and glittering, I began pinning. I started with my strongest color which for me was the all black ribbon, because it's the fattest and it required 2 pins per ribbon strip. 

I just pinned, pinned, and pinned. I pinned until I couldn't pin I wish I would've taken pictures of the pinning process, but once you start pinning, it starts getting addictive, and you can't stop. 
Side note: I used glitter ribbon, and it was such a hassle because I had glitter all over myself. I pinned on a newspaper so I wouldn't get the glitter all over my house. If you choose to use glitter, just be aware that it gets everywhere. Not to mention I have bad allergies, and I think I inhaled glitter which left me with a stuffed up nose for a while. 
I also wish I would've gotten a white ribbon, to contrast the colors more. 

Once I was done pinning my fingers hurt so I will disclose it hurts your fingers! Hence the red dot in the middle of my index finger. You'll see it if you look hard enough. 

Now that my index finger is permanently bruised, I popped open a cold one and reclined in my chair, because this is time consuming as well as wear and tear on your back, knees, and hands. Pheww! I don't think I would be able to sell these bad boys, because it's labor intensive. I'm just kidding. I'm just being a baby! 

Once I took a 10 minute break, and regained feeling in my back, and knee's I plugged in the glue gun, and centered my letters. Then Once I was happy with the letter placement, I glued down the letters one by one.

After I was happy with my end product, I took a few snapshots, and called it a night. I was finally done. This projects takes at least a few hours, between gluing the glitter on my letters, wrapping the wreath, cutting all the ribbon, rolling and pinning each strip, pinning ribbon onto wreath, and gluing letters! I think I estimated it taking 2 hours for the glitter, 3 hours for cutting ribbon, rolling, and pinning. So roughly 5 to 6 hours. 
I'm a perfectionist so it might take a shorter amount of time for you. 
End product below. Please excuse me in my sweats in the background :)

That's about it for my project, and I'm really happy with my end project. I love hearing from my readers, so drop me a line and tell me what you think. As always I'm open to answering any questions you have :) Thanks for reading!


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  1. I can't wait to make this!

    Go Knights!


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