Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Wedding Wednesday: Martha Stewart Edition

Happy HUMP Day everyone!

It's also Wedding Wednesday for me :) Which means, let's get down and dirty with the worksheets! As you may already know I like to be much so that I have 4 different planners, for 4 different you'd think by now I would just invest in learning how to use my cell phone for these things but I just can't work that way at all. I've been pretty good with 3 of my planners being combined in one huge disc-bound book. Let's talk disc-bound book....It's a Martha Stewart  disc-bound book, and was worth every penny! Of course I waited for a coupon before purchasing. I use it as my lesson planner, my blog planner, and school planner. I also bought the disc-bound whole puncher. Why did I do this?

1. I love Martha Stewart office supplies!!
2. It comes in cute colors...mine a Tiffany blue color.
3. It comes with a band already installed in said planner. So if I have a lot of things in the book, it keeps all my papers in the book.
4. It's light.
5. The paper stays in it's place, which means, I haven't experienced papers falling out (like the 3 hole punch notebook)! The paper says in it's place!
6. It can also carry a pen :)
To sum it up, I love it so much! A little secret (I've been using it as my wedding planner as well...shhh)

I've been asked by 2 of my professors, and 3 different teachers I've volunteered for... where I got this book, and the idea. I told them "Staples, and the idea was my own" lol On another note, I'm in a class that I should have taken in the beginning of my program but since I started UCF on an off term (Spring) I had to wait until this semester to take this class. When I whipped out my book, a girl sitting next to me rudely commented on how big my planner was compared to here tiny pocket planner. It was a little dig, but I smiled and asked her if she just started the Education program? She looked at me sideways, and said yes. I tried really hard to be gracious because apparently everyone at my table had just started, and I didn't want to scare them. So I said "yeah, that's cute! If I were you guys I would invest in one immediately." Of course the girl gave me a snippy look, and now 3 months later, as I passed by the girl she had in fact listened to my advice, and purchased one...lmao! She later told me, that I was completely right! ;)

Let's get to the wedding part of the Martha Stewart! Recently, I was looking for my venue. I found where I wanted my reception, but not my ceremony. But while I've been looking I found these worksheets to help me with the tours.

Venue Planning Worksheet

Venue Comparing Worksheet

Cater Planning Worksheet

Florist Planning Worksheet
Photographer Planning Worksheet
Wedding Workbook

All of these are amazing to use to help you find the right vendors for your wedding! 
Happy Hump Day, and if your a bride to be Happy Wedding Wednesday!! Don't forget to drop me a line, I love to hear from my readers :D
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