Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Wedding Wednesday: Venue Tour

This weekend I finally got to tour a place I've been very interested in since I came across it about 3 weeks ago. I sent about 3 emails, to this venue with no response...annoying. I gave my fiance Gil the torch to bother them on Saturday. lol He made us an appointment right then and there! I was excited! I've been waiting to hear from this venue for a while, and the pictures I saw were just amazing. 
The place is called Orlando History Regional Center, and it's amazingly beautiful. It's located in the heart of Downtown Orlando, right by Lake Eola. When I stumbled upon the option of having a History Center wedding, I would get that butterfly fluttering in my stomach feeling. I originally had this venue in mind for just the ceremony. I figured the reception would be over the top expensive, so I didn't think twice about having a reception there as well. 
My original thought was to have the Ceremony at the History Center, and head over to the Crystal Ballroom. I'm not fond of the Crystal Ballroom's ceremony space, so I went crazy if you could recall looking for a Ceremony spaces. I hate the idea of having two different venues. It was killing me, but the Crystal Ballroom had me sold! 
We arrived at this venue, and waited to meet with the wedding director. We waited a while, but when you meet with venue's this always happens. A young man walks up to Gil and I, and my first thought (I'm a horrible truth!) "this is a kid? I don't want a kid to be in charge of my special day!" I'm horrible, but I'm also being very I degress... 
So I'm standing there, trying hard to let these thoughts pass me, because right now I'm being very closed minded, and above all a hypocrite. I'm a young woman, and I'm 28 years old. People's first impression of how old I am is always that I must be "12" (this is normal when there's older (mean) bitter women around), but my fellow co-worker think I just celebrated a 21st birthday. My reaction to that is "I did just celebrate my 7th annual 21st birthday party!! How did you know" lol 
 We start our tour, and he hands me the price list, I didn't even want to look at the prices because I just knew it was going to be more than what I would be willing to spend, so I handed it over to Gil. Gil looks over the prices for a while and I noticed he hadn't keeled over and passed out of a heart attack, instead I see his intrigued look. I begin to be intrigued as well, and when the wedding director (who should have a name by name) asks us if we want just the ceremony or reception, Gil says both. I immediately look up and see Gil smile at me. Ladies, it's been a pain in the ass (if I'm being truthful) to get this man to smile or be interested in any of the venue's we've toured. For the most part he's been a great sport, but never like this! So willing! I see how happy he is, and he hands me the list. To my surprise, I'm SHOCKED! Shocked in a great way! I can't believe my eyes, and even better my fiance looks excited. The wedding director takes us up to the 3rd floor (I think) which is where the reception takes place. 
We were lucky enough to schedule this tour at that specific time, because they were setting up for a wedding for that evening, so we got to see how things work.  
This space comes with a dance floor, tables, chairs, and uplighting!!! I love uplighting! It's been one of my must have's in planning this wedding. The space is gorgeous, and we loved it! Next we went by the Ceremony Space.
I didn't get the best picture, because there was actually a couple taking their engagement photo's in the Ceremony space, and I didn't want them in my pictures, or disturb them. The Ceremony space, is a 1927 Courtroom, and it's very nice. Fits a good number of guests, and comes with candles. They will allow me to decorate as I wish, plus they'll clean it up when we're done. 
Next, he took us to the grooms room, and the bridal suite. Which both are on different floors. :D YAY! 
From there, we went down to the first floor to the atrium, where cocktail hour would take place. Which is amazing, plus this space comes with tables.
So here's the run down...We basically get to rent the whole building for our wedding, which is amazing! The space is very cultured, and has so many photo opportunities.
Bad news,  I have to make my own centerpieces, but they said they'd help me set them up. Also we have to use their caters list, which is small, and from what I've seen so far...their expensive. If we don't use their cater, we have to pay a $500 penalty. Plus, this doesn't include any linens, which mean I have to add that to the list of things to get :( 
We haven't made any decisions, but I will leave you with one thought, and note...the fact that this venue excited myself and my groom earns a triple +++! We'll be making our decision very soon, so stand by!!

As always, I love hearing from my readers! Even if your not a follower, and just came by, drop me a line or two!
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