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Wedding Wednesday: Venue Weekend

Hey Lovies, 
Happy Wedding Wednesday!!! Woot Woot! The weekend came, and with the weekend came, back to back appointments with venues. I accidentally scheduled both for the same weekend and overwhelmed myself as well as my Hey Hey, with wedding planning comes little bumps in the road like this! I'm only human, and the appointments got lost in my inbox opps! 
With my bump in the road this weekend, I think I should patent the phrase "I don't have a wedding wand!" If you've planned a wedding, or are planning a wedding, I think you get the gist of that one with your fiance! Really! If I had a wedding wand, believe me, you, I'd be using it boy! 
Keeping it moving....Venue stories...
The first appointment was on Saturday with Tuscawilla Country Club. This place is so GORG! I was actually touring this venue for the Ceremony only, but upon meeting found out that they don't do only Ceremonies. BLAH! We did go ahead and just get the quote for both, and we were pleasantly surprised with the cost. I thought my heart was going to sink into my butt when I saw the ending cost but it didn't. It was actually affordable for our budget! INTERESTING "Say I".
Basically this place has a beautiful Southern feel to it, and is located in a very Predominate Community in Central Florida. It's not the 21st place to live in America like my Community :D, but I think it should be, given the fact that it's much Just saying, I'm just saying! 

Here's what you get at Tuscawilla Country Club:

1. There's a $3,000.00 food minimum. If you ask me, that's excessive! Really, you want me to spend at least $3,000.00 in food for only 50 people? I wouldn't be able to bring outside food either. So that's a negative. This price doesn't include rental prices for both ceremony and reception spaces, as well as tax, tip, service charge, and bar.

This is what you get with the food cost, it includes:
  •  plated food- Duet of flat iron steak, and chicken breast. Salad, warm rolls, vegetable medley, coffee, and tea. 
  • 3 cocktails, and hors d'oeuvres with a butler service to pass around. 
  • 3 hours of beer and wine. (Extra $100 for the bartender)
  • Champagne toast
  • They also cut the cake, and serve it. 
2. They set up and break down the ceremony chairs. I can choose from the outdoor ceremony space or the indoor. 
3. They set up and break down the reception hall with tables and chairs, and linens. 
4. Black or white linens, choice of napkins.
5. Chair covers with choice of bow. 

This package doesn't include any centerpiece, table decor :( 
There's no up-lighting, disco ball, nothing. So whatever centerpieces I want, I have to make, bring, set it up, and break it down within my 4 1/2 hours I'm allotted. 
Here are the pictures.

Front of the Country Club
Another shoot of the front
Reception Room
                                                                                  Entrance of the County Club
Indoor Ceremony Space
Behind the Club
The back of the Country Club View
Right in front of the tree would be the Ceremony Outdoor space

I'm not a big fan of how small the reception space is. The dance floor is tiny, and would be crowded with the DJ table being there. I also don't like that all the tables would be bunched together in one space of the reception room. I like the tables having their own space, and usually they're suppose to circle around the dance floor. I have some family members that don't get along so I would want them separated without them feeling one's getting a better table than the other. So that would be challenging in this space. I love the outdoor space with the house in the background, it's very nice. I don't like that the reception space is right in front of the door, so whoever walks in can just join in on our  The venue does include a bridal suite, which is kind small, an is located upstairs. I didn't see a bathroom in there which could create a problem for me if my make up gets is messed up or what not. 
I wouldn't be able to bring in my own alcohol. If I wanted the bartender to create a specific drink we are allowed to bring a few bottles of alcohol but each bottle will be charged with a $10.00 corkage fee. lol blah. 

On to the next...

On Sunday, Gil and I made our way to another potential ceremony site called Cypress Grove. This place is really popular with weddings. I'm not sure exactly why, because everything is outdoors. Don't get me wrong, the place is GORG, but we live in Florida where we have a permanent 50% chance of rain on the weather 
So we met with the lady, and she showed us around. I was interested in a particular part of the venue, but she had to show me the higher end part Below is the Estate house, and in my opinion very expensive for what you get. It's absolutely beautiful though!

Front of the Estate House
Inside the Estate House
Gazebo where the Ceremony would take place
Quick shot of the outdoor space
This is the aisle the bride walks down
This is where the tables and chairs would be set up for the Reception
Needless to say, it's so beautiful, but they wouldn't allow you to do only a ceremony in this space, unless it's in the morning from 9 AM to 11:00 AM. It's nice, but not in our budget. Not to mention we have a reception starting at 7 so it's completely out. 

So then we toured the actual place that I was interested in on the same venue. Called the It's a smaller part of the venue, but it's still very nice! 

Front of the Cottages

Nice outdoor break space
Gazebo where the Ceremony would take place
So this is in our budget for the ceremony. I've been having a hard time finding a place that is in our budget and includes chairs at no additional cost. This place is affordable, and sets up and breaks down the chairs for us!
The only bad thing is, it's right next to a park for kids. So people who weren't invited or know us will witness us exchange our It's an awkward lay out, but if worse comes to worse it's def a plan B. We get this space for 2 hours, and can decorate it as we want. We could also take pictures anywhere in the whole park including in front of the Estate house :D
I liked it, and so did Gil. Our only concern was that there was no aisle for me to walk down, it's outdoors, it's about 30 minutes away from the reception, and it was too close to where strangers would be. Other than that we loved this venue!! 

That's about it for this venue hunt! Thanks for reading, and as always, I love to hear from my readers. Drop me a line or two to make my day :)

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  1. The Estate House really looks nice, especially with the gazebo and lake backdrop for the couple while they’re exchanging vows. Too bad it was out of your projected budget. The Cottages would have been the perfect place, if it wasn’t too public. Though there are simple solutions for that. Maybe put lane dividers temporarily to let other people know it’s a private affair, or have ushers or some of the guests act as bouncers in the perimeter. Anyways, have fun venue hunting!



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