Monday, December 2, 2013

10-TIN Anniversary

Hey there Lovies, 

It's Monday, and a blue one at that! Last week was filled with nothing but love, and now that it's all over I'm a little sad. You know that feeling you get when it's a Monday and it's back to reality, you find yourself reliving those precious moments in your mind. I wish I could live in those moments forever. It's just so perfect, and even though life is forever moving forward, you wish you could be back, and smile like you never smiled before and laugh like you never laughed before. 

It was an amazing weekend with a little getaway with my babes.Our getaway was a reliving old memories kind of getaway. For years and years we would go out to our favorite spot in Florida...well "our" spot is more like Melbourne Beach Florida. We'd go out to the beach soak up the sun, wave jump, and find different and exciting  places to eat. We stayed at "our" favorite oceanfront hotel, which is the Crowne Plaza. So as an anniversary gift...the babe's surprised me with the trip. This trip was meant to relive our old memories...the memories we share together...the memories that made our relationship the way it is today.Before we left, he made all the plans! I mean every plan to the minute! I was so impressed with how hard he planned and wanted us to have a great time.
1. Babe's got home really from work, and surprised me with beautiful Casa Blanca fav! The bouquet actually has beautiful hydrangea's, white roses, white lilies, and Casa Blanca lillies. It's absolutely beautiful, and if anyone has any ideas on how to preserve them please...please let me know. I would love to keep this bouquet forever! 

2. That night we went to a new place on International drive called "Kings Bowl". It was truly meant to be because it was 90's night. They played all the best 90's rap music, which is mine and Gil's favorite rap...probably the last kind of rap we've 

Thursday was Thanksgiving... I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. He made it his mission to put up the Christmas lights around the house. Once we get our snowman and reindeer up, I'll post pictures! Of course, we went to his grandma's house to meet the whole family for dinner. 

3. Black Friday, we put up the Christmas tree (well, I did...I always and decorated it. It's a tradition I've made since we got the house. The first year, we got the Christmas tree from Michaels, and the next day I got up, put it up, and we decorated it. Since then, it's been a tradition. 

4. Saturday morning Gil woke me up early so we could make our way to Melbourne.  We headed out to Andretti Thrill Park after lunch. So by the time we got here, I was tired y'all. We were driving for an hour and half prior before, ate lunch, and then Gil wanted me to be active. I was so tired. We did the mini golf, 2 rounds of laser tag, arcade games, go carts, more arcades, and I was done. I feel bad, because Gil  wanted to do the ropes, and I was not having that. I needed closed toe shoes, and I'm so not into heights. I'm scared of heights...not to mention how horrible I am when it comes to balancing. I can barely balance myself on solid would I manager to balance on ropes. lol Forget it. 

5. We checked in late, put our things down in the room, and Gil ushered me to I was so tired. 

6. Bonefish Willy's! Wow what a great place for seafood...but bring your wallets! It's pricey but everything is fresh and homemade. 

7. After dinner, we went down the street to Winn don't ask me why, but it's apart of our Melbourne tradition. We always went to Winn Dixie for snacks, and what not. That's what we did. We purchased some expensive cheese, crackers, and white wine :D It was delish.

8. Walk on the beach! It was a must, and even though by this time I was exhausted...I wobbled my butt down the stretch of ocean! It was breathtakingly beautiful! 

9. Wine and Cheese!

10. 11 A.M. Check out time! Blah

11. B.L.T. phenomenon at Sand on the Beach. It was good! Sadly, I didn't take a picture, because I was too busy scarfing it down! Thick bacon, slices of tomato, arugula, and well done egg (weird but good). 

12. Drive home...blah 

13. Unpack and relax because next day is Blue Monday :(

That was our anniversary weekend. We're saving for our wedding next year, so we kept it pretty simple! 

As always, I love to hear from you! Thanks for taking the time to read my post :)


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