Friday, December 13, 2013

Blink starring Jess

My finals week is finally over. After taking my last final, I had this weird feeling. It was a flash back to the beginning of the semester, which then got me thinking. 

Where does the time goes? Have you seen the movie Click? The basis of the story is a man that wants to fast forward parts of his day like eating, spending time with his family and parts that he doesn't enjoy. He's given a remote by a fairy god father, and he begins his journey playing with time. What he doesn't know is that the remote will start fast forwarding further and further, and he begins skipping precious moments by skipping days, weeks, months, years, and then to his death. The moments od his life that he lost was due to his working addiction which eventualy cost him his family, and time.

After turning in my last final, I started walking to my car to go home, but instead of feeling happy and relieved as I usually do, a weird feeling plagued me. I knew I did well on on all my finals, and of course I knew I'd be on the UCF Dean's list this semester but even that didn't change the feeling I had. I began driving home, and tried playing my favorite playlists, but that didn't break my mood. What was bothering me? I'm a really happy person for the most part, and not much of a worry wort at all! 
I started feeling like the main character in Click. I feel like my time is just fast forwarding on it's own, and every time I blink it's time for a test, it's time to turn in homework, then it's time for the finals. I'm blinking and my nieces and nephews are growing. I'm blinking and my fiance and I are celebrating 10 years together. I'm blinking and I'm now pushing 30? I blinked and little sister is graduating High School. Where is my time going?
Have I really taken for granted my life this far in and I haven't come close to completing my bucket list? I've been swept up with working, and going to school for the early years that I missed out on my life's milestones! It's a horrible feeling to know that I've put almost everything on a back burner! 
My Spring semester will come sooner than I hope, and it's going to be the busiest semester yet. Til then, I think I will enjoy every minute of my time. I will not hear anymore "I can't wait for next week, or next month" No more rushing time to watch a season premiere, or for an event like Christmas, or going to North Carolina. I will take every minute as though it were my last! 

Do you feel the same? Has time been slipping away from you? I love hearing from my readers, so drop me a line. If your a blogger, leave me your blog link so I can return the comment :)


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  1. I know! It's so crazy how time just flies! I wish we could work less, and enjoy life more.


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