Friday, January 24, 2014

Friday FAVS: MK Obessed

HAPPY FRIDAY Y'ALL!! I'm so excited that it's Friday finally!!

Before I get into the whole Michael Kors obsession, because I know it got all your guys attention (your welcome)...I wanted to share my Friday shake down song. Below...that was me earlier today driving home from class. I was soooo cool, I even had a few people hunk their horns at me. (probably wasn't my dance moves they were excited about, but I still shot'em a dazzling smile, and

Now that y'all know I'm a dancing driver, and occasionally a singer, let's talk MK!! Guys, I am so obsessed! I want everything Michael Kors. I love his watches, and mostly all his handbags!! I love his style, but why so expensive? His handbags and watches are so expensive even when their on sale. So here's my 2cents...if your looking to buy a MK purse or watch, look at Macy's and Nordstrom first. Macy's has a sale going on for a few purses from MK. If the one you like the most is not on sale, then sign up for Macy's email newsletter or whatever it is, because when you sign up they give you a 15% promo code or printed coupon. Nordstrom sometimes has a sale on MK stuff but it's usually quick. I also know that right now Lords and Taylor is having an MK sale. Not to mention Bloomingdale's has the same thing as Macy's with the newsletter thing. My last piece of advice, is if your looking for a signature item from MK, check Macy's everyday, because they usually have one day sales. So check early in the mornings, because they sell out quickly of MK handbags and watches! 

Below is the list of items I have on my MK board. All links come right off the MK website, and are back ordered. (another piece of advice...I wouldn't buy anything off the MK website...I always just look there first to see what's out and then I go to a department store to ensure I'm really getting a MK handbag. I've read on line a few times that other country hackers/scam artists have made up designer websites to look exactly like the official website. I typically go to the department store website, see if the items in stock at the store and pick it up myself.)

1. Michael Kors Golden Stainless Steel Parker Three-Hand Glitz Watch 

I love, love this watch, especially since in BLACK AND GOLD!! Those are my college's colors, and I'm a KNIGHT all the way!! 

2. Michael Kors Logo Pave Stud Earrings, Golden/Tortoise I saw a teacher at the school I intern at with these earrings and they are so cute in person! I thought they'd be too much but they're actually really classy. It's not usually my style but I liked it. I think I liked it more that a teacher was wearing 

3. MICHAEL Michael Kors Large Fulton Logo Crossbody I love me some crossbody. I'm in need of a new crossbody! I've completely worn out my Coach crossbody I bought like 2 or 3 years The thing I like about this purse, is the colors. If you haven't guessed, I love brown colors. I love the mixture of vanilla and brown together. It gives you the best combo of both colors. 

4. Michael Kors GLAM JASMINE Eau de Parfum Spray – 3.4 oz, 100 mL I can't wear perfume, because I have extra sensitive skin, but this smells grrrrrreat! 

5. MICHAEL Michael Kors Logo-Print Signature Tote This tote is my FAV!! It's just the perfect tote! It has the 2 side pockets, and it's big enough to fit my laptop, and notebooks. Plus it has plenty of storage space. I would def take it traveling with me!! 

6. MICHAEL Michael Kors Jet Set Saffiano Continental Saffiano Wallet I love MK wallets, but the problem is...they're just as expensive as the purses are! What's up with that yo?! If I'm spending money like that it's not on a wallet! Who else seconds that? But if by some miracle I win the lottery and money ain't a thang...I will be buying the For now, my Coach wallet is just fine. A little miss matching never hurt nobody. 

7. MICHAEL Michael Kors Camila Cat-Eye Sunglasses I'm a huge fan of cat-eye sunglasses. I love they way they look, and the class they give! Class it up ladies :)

Lastly, I just wanted to say "WOOP WOOP" to my Miami Heat for winning against the Lakers last night! Woop Woop! 

That's all for today! Hope y'all have a great weekend!! 
xx Kisses!!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Blogging BUM

Yeah that's me! A blogging bum. It's not that I don't want to write everyday on my beautifully designed blog, it's just that...I constantly find myself in front of the TV or Kindle with chips and occasionally ice cream when I have a chance to breathe.
That was me New Years Eve of the year before It's just me goofing around. And now that I'm looking at it, I love my HARR! I need to get the hook up from my hair stylist again, and get me some crazy layers again! 
No wedding planning has been going on, and I think I'm pretty much over the whole idea of a wedding at this point. I have crazy requests from my crazy family every now and then. Which gives me less and less motivation. Not to mention crazy expectations. 
A few of my friends have recently gotten engaged during the holidays and are down right putting me to shame as a They already have their wedding date set, venues booked, wedding dress paid for, engagement photos shot, and save the dates are en route. Which leaves me asking myself, and mostly my engaged friends...What the Heck MAN!! Chill out, and take a chill chair. Really?!! You just got engaged like a hot minute ago, and now I'm 6 months behind in my planning. 
I can't deal! I love the idea of wedding planning, but not the idea of actually doing the planning. I use to just like the idea of the engagement ring, but just not the wedding part. 
LOL Seriously, right now I'm kind of regretting the name I chose for my I don't want to be known as a bride forever...what do I do? Any suggestions plurrrrlease! Plus sometimes my blog gets over looked by other blogger because of my name. I guess since a majority of bloggers are already married or not interested in marrying, I get overlooked :( 

Thursday, January 16, 2014

GP: How to Hand-Stamp Silver

Hey all, I hope everyone's having a great Thursday, as I am. My one day off during the week. I have a guest post today from a free-lance writer named Juliana Weiss-Roessler. When Juliana contacted me to write a post on my blog I was honored, and happy. Since I haven't had much time writing many posts lately I was glad to have a guest writer. I loved her idea of how to hand-stamp silver so much that she wrote up a tutorial for all my lovely readers. Isn't she amazing?! I hope you all enjoy her how to, and leave her some feedback in my comments :)

How to Hand-Stamp Silver By: Juliana Weiss-Roessler

Have you ever picked up a beautifully engraved piece of sterling silver at a boutique or seen a hand-stamped jewelry booth at a craft fair and wondered how jewelry-makers create that look? While you may think there’s some elaborate trick to crafting hand-stamped silver, it’s actually a skill that anyone can pick up. The advantage of hand-stamping your own jewelry is that there are no limits—you can create any design or engraved message you can imagine, giving each creation a personal touch. Hand-stamped jewelry can make a great, meaningful gift for someone you care deeply about, and it can allow you to express your personal style by creating pieces for yourself. If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, you might even consider starting a small commission-based jewelry business, as unique creations are always popular. Whatever your interests are, there’s really no reason not to learn how to hand-stamp silver. I’ll cover the basics below so that you can get started. 

You will need: 

 -Masking tape 
-Bench block or anvil 
-Sterling silver blanks: you can purchase these wholesale through a retailer who provides to boutiques and designer jewelers 
-Allen wrenches or large nails 
-Small hammer 
-Liquid of sulfur 
-Cotton swab 
-Polishing cloth 

 You’ll be able to pick up most of the materials you need at craft stores. Any supplies that you can’t find in a store should be available for purchase online. 

 Getting started: 

 The first thing you’ll want to do is come up with your design. Trace it out on a piece of paper first and make sure that you have a blank large enough for it (you may want to measure the blank and design it out with a ruler). You need to be especially careful if you’re going to be lettering the silver, as different letters are different sizes, and shapes and will take up varying amounts of space. If you want to spell out a word or phrase but don’t like your hand-lettering or just can’t get the sizing right, you can also purchase alphabet stamps. Also keep in mind that if your design sounds too complex, you can also buy ready-made design stamps and alter them to make them your own.

Hand-stamping silver: 

 1. Use your masking tape to secure your silver blank to your bench block or anvil. If you’re going to be hand-lettering or using alphabet stamps, you can also use the masking tape to mark out the spacing for your letters. 

 2. Place your first stamp over the silver blank. If you are making a design from scratch, consider using large nails or Allen wrenches as your stamp. You can use them to create a round shape, or file them down to get many different shapes. You can also find Allen wrenches in a variety of sizes, making them ideal tools for stamping. If you do decide that you want to modify Allen wrenches to make different designs, you will need some basic welding skills and may want to practice with an experienced welder before making your own pieces. 

 3. Make sure the stamp is perpendicular to the blank, and steady the stamp with your non-dominant hand. Tap it firmly once with a small hammer to start engraving. You should not need to tap the same point on the silver blank more than once. 

 4. Complete your design using any other stamps you want to incorporate, always tapping just once to get a deep groove in the silver. 

 5. Once you’re satisfied with your design, mix together warm water and liquid of sulfur (make sure to keep the room well-ventilated) to create a polish. Dip a cotton swab in the solution and rub it over your stamped piece of silver. 

 6. Let the polishing solution dry. Then rinse the piece of jewelry in cold water and rub it with a polishing cloth to get that distinctive silvery sheen. Congratulations, you’ve created your very own designer jewelry! 

As with any skill, hand-stamping silver can be challenging at first, and you may need to practice on several pieces before you feel like you’ve really gotten the hang of it. Try using cheaper metal blanks the first few times you practice this craft so that there won’t be as much at stake if you do mess up. Making personalized silver jewelry is an activity that takes a lot of patience and a willingness to brush off your mistakes, but once you do get it down, you’ll have limitless possibilities for the types of pieces you can make.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

I'm a UCF Teacher INTERN

Hi all, I know it's been a hot minute since I've been in the bloggy world, gushing all about my juicy life (not lol) but you can blame it on UCF. I'm that new wide eyed, scared looking intern roaming the halls of an Elementary school I've been assigned too. No names, but I can tell you, it's right outside my neighborhood, and maybe I'll capture a few pictures of myself in the school tshirt! YAY for that...right?! lol Yeah never know, do ya. My teacher is really sweet, and on top of her students. I love that she's so supportive. I can tell I will get along with her feel, and be sad to leave her. The class of students are awesome! I have a fourth grade class, and they are just amazingly well behaved. I'm excited to start taking some leads in this classroom, and I feel comfortable for the most part. 

So far life as an intern is what I expected it to be...unpaid and working off all the holiday food off my a** if you know what I mean. On top of this wonderful internship, I also have coursework of about 3 other classes, and so far...the professors haven't been light on us whatsoever, which means, I won't have much time to visit all my beautiful friendly bloggers. I'm not complaining, just explaining. It has taken me some time and hard work to finally get here, and I will take advantage of everything I can before, they throw me out into the teaching world with only a paper degree and my charm. I do have about 10 minutes during my scarf down i.e "lunch" to visit one or two blogs. 

I do miss blogging, and so far I feel pretty bad that I can't do any designs for my friends, or giveaways since my time is so limited. I want to say I have no time, but I actually have lots of time. It's just that the time I do have I rather be napping, or watching a right? You know what I mean. I don't want my blog to become work. I will be making a little transition to education posts from wedding posts, as by now I am sure I won't have any time to plan a wedding. Which means, I might be putting off the wedding another year :( 

At this rate my baby sister will get married before I 
I will keep you all posted on the wedding "thing" whether we have it this year or not. Wish me luck Blogging world, and I hope to write soon.