Thursday, February 6, 2014

Once Upon An Art Journal

Happy Thursday y'all!
     I've made my triumphant return tonight and got my shiznit together. Ladies and gents, I bought myself an iPad. Lol I'm trying to stay somewhat relevant when it comes to being a Blogger. And now that I have my handy dandy iPad, I could write more (or at least in theory) :D

       Lately, I've been working on an art project for my Art and Creativity class, and to tell y'all the truth, I was so annoyed when I saw that we had to do an art journal. Now hold up y'all, let me explain...I love art! I absolutely love it and it's my thang. Problem is, in the midst of my internship and all the work I have on my plate the last thing I wanted to do was create an art journal of 30 pages. So I began to get all hostile and started thinking to myself "Just where does this professor think I'm gonna find the time to sit down and color when I have more important things to do." Lol seriously! Give me a break...blah. Needless to say, I approached the journal in a more positive attitude. Drawing, coloring, painting, etc is just so therapeutic to the soul and I'm enjoying it thus far.

        Here are a few of my "master pieces" y'all know I couldn't call it anything less...I'm an artist :D It's a fairy tale theme. So I opened it up with these 2 sketches.

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