Friday, March 14, 2014

My Giphy Week 2

I hope everyone has had a beautiful week with plenty of cowbell. Unlike me, I kind of hated this week. It felt like it was never going to end, and now that it's Friday I feel like it went by so fast. This week was a tough one guys. I can't stress enough how busy I've become this semester that I feel like I have no blogging time. To fix this problem, I'll be putting out an ad, hopefully tomorrow or Sunday for Guest Posts. So if you're here now, email me, and guest post on my blog!! 

Saturday So I'll begin with last Saturday if you don't mind. I pretty much needed a pick me up after saying good bye to my 4th grade class last Friday. So the babes and I headed out to have a mini date night. We went to my preferred miniature golf place here in Orlando. It's called Putting Edge; it's indoors, and glows in the dark!! Woot woot! I love anything dark, and Needless to say, I started off the game with a hole in one, and dominated the golfing!! Below you'll find me, being me :D

Sunday  I should really start another blog entitled..."Diaries of a Bride on Strike"...LOL Seriously guys, it's just not happening this year at all! I guess I'll go back to the theory of "Living in the moment" or "What will be will be" lol Just go with it.

Monday  I started my first day in a Kindergarten classroom! Yay! My supervising teacher is the BOMB! She's really nice, and very funny! I like her teaching style, and her handle on the kids! Seriously, I fell right into instruction with this class, because...I use to teach VPK for about 5 years. I knew exactly what to expect. Needless to say, I knew all the students names by the end of the day :D
Tuesday  After my interning duties were over, I rushed home to complete some assignments that were due in my night class. BLAH! I basically looked at the syllabus wrong and did extra work, which frustrates me, but I got it done. One less assignment to worry about. 

Wednesday  In my Art class my partner and I were teaching our lesson plan to full grown adults...our We had the Science Content area, and we did the Moon!! YAY! 

Thursday  Oh Thursday! I had a boat load of work to do, and I GOT THING!! lol I tried though. I just kept finding my adult ADD kicking in. sad face.

Friday Today is Friday and yeah no shop talk :D

Well I hope everyone has a great weekend and drop me a line in the comments. Tell me how you're weeks been! I love hearing from readers :)

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