Friday, March 7, 2014

The Gift of being a Teacher Intern

Happy Friday ya'll!!
This Friday was filled with a mix of emotions and awesome learning experiences for one lucky intern...ME!
Today was my last day in my fourth grade class, and it was definitely an amazing day! I spent the whole week at my elementary school, because it was the last week I'd be with 4th grade. My time with fourth grade went by so fast I can hardly believe it! When the students found out I was leaving them for kindergarten they were so sad, it broke my heart. I wish I could stay on as their intern but it's time for me to move on to a new class. 

     Thursday and today I participated in what Orange County calls "Lesson Study", which is suppose to be a big deal, and great on my resume. It's basically lesson planning with the grade level team of teachers. We all come up with a fun and innovative lesson plan and implement it in one of the classroom. After the teacher, teaches the lesson the group goes back and talks about what went right and wrong. There's so much more to it but that's the quick version. It was an amazing learning experience and I feel like I've taken so much out of it, but I basically missed 2 whole days with my fourth graders. I had about 20 minutes with them today on my last day to say my goodbyes, which saddened me deeply 😞. 

After adult time was finally over, I ran up the stairs to my classroom of fourth graders, so I could spend every second until dismissal time with them. I showed up breathless and laughing. The students asked me to join them on the floor so they could give me something they made. Each student went running for a card they made me, and I thought I was going to losing it! Really y'all, I was almost in tears because it's truly a rewarding experience. Each little group of students gave me a card they made with words of inspiring/hilarious/encouragement/sweet. I knew that I was going to cry if I read all the cards there in front of them so I previewed them and told them i was gonna lose it if I read them in front of they all laughed and said an "Awww" together. These little people are soo funny and characters already at such a young age. 


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