Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Why I Hate Checking my Email

You could say that we all have our own worse habits, right? Mine just so happens to be that I rarely check my email. No wait I'm lying...I check my gmail account regularly but my other email accounts such as my college email gets the cold shoulder. 

The only types of emails I LOVE reading are those from my readers!!! I feel like I could read those all day ...everyday! 

Why I hate reading my emails...

1. It seems like my college email fills up with all sorts of reminders. It makes me feel like I'm behind in some way. It gives me anxiety when I open my college inbox.

2. I constantly get emails from Professor. This could go on forever. It's not that I hate reading my professors emails, it's just that I feel very overwhelmed by the time I get through my second email for the day. I get constant reminders of projects, assignments, and the worst of it changes! I can't stand confuses me and overwhelms me when my inbox is filled with changes. Changes on the syllabus, changes on due dates, changes on meeting times, etc. 

3. Emails for the Financial Aid office scare me to death! There have been times when I see the email and my heart drops. It worries me if something is wrong, etc. it's the worst experience to go through just to see "Financial Services" on my inbox list. Blah!

4. I feel like there is always some sort of work for me to do. I just want to sleep people, can you stop giving me work to do and take in consideration that I'm lacking in my 8 hours of sleep! No more work. I can barely get my own work done, don't ask me to do yours as well. 

5. Questions, questions, questions! I get so many questions in one day it's crazy! Questions from friends, classmates, teachers, professors, etc. 

6. I have random people sending me videos of something they want me to see. I love that you want me to see this video but don't expect me to get back to you ASAP it just doesn't work like that. I have to find time and an internet connection to viewn your video. I find it easier if you just send it via text. I'll watch it immediately, but if it's in my email I have to go and find it, etc. 

7. I always forget all my so I kind of have my passwords saved on my main computer. So if I'm on my phone or iPad it takes me forever to figure out my password and sometimes me email address. I know I'm a mess but I have a short memory. I just do, and it sucks...but I can't help it.

8. Spam mail! Oh how I despise spam mail! It's weird how something's get in my main inbox and it's spam. 

9. I get so many emails from link up parties, mad blog hops, it's ridic! I'm sorry guys but if your not in the social part of my email then I've spammed I've joined countless link up parties and blog hops and It annoys me when I'm actually waiting for an important email to see "come link up with us" emails. 

10. When I actually read emails...I literally respond mentally. I forget to respond I responded just in my brain and then I received a call or someone texted me, or I got side tracked some how...I now forgot to respond. So I kind of hate responding after I've read it and mentally responded. Lol 

Emails are so annoying, and I know I can't be the only one who hates them. Let me know if your an email hater lol 

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