Thursday, May 8, 2014

The Gift of Being a Student Teacher Part 2

Happy Thursday y'all! The weekend is almost here...Woohoo! 

I finished up my spring semester, and I have to tell you it was the hardest semester thus far. I do feel like I've learned so much, and had amazing experiences to remember! My internship is also over, and I am happy to report to you all that I passed my internship with a satisfactory, and completed all my classes with A's! This past semester was a bit of a challenging semester. At times, I felt defeated, and I was ready to give up! I was tired, frustrated, and overworked. What got me through was the light at the end of the tunnel...the kindness I found in my professors, peers, supervising teachers, and the students. The support I received from my supervising teachers was just amazing! With their guidance I made it through, and I am grateful to have had them both as my mentors. All three of my professors were just amazingly supportive and understanding! The student's smiles and excitement to see me filled my heart with motivation! Venting to my peers, and them venting back created a bond I wish to keep with me forever. My family and friends were supportive and constantly giving me words of encouragement.

My last day with my Kindergarten class and supervising teacher was April 22nd. (This post is hella late, but I'm a busy girl :D) I hate saying goodbye, especially if I've become attached. This kindergarten class and my supervising teacher became a routine in my life. Hanging out in this class was my way of life, and I looked forward to seeing them every Monday, and Tuesday. I genuinely loved hanging with my supervising teacher. She was so helpful, encouraging, funny and above all trusted me with her class. I 'm so grateful to her for allowing me to have a huge part in teaching her class. 

So when the day came for me to say my goodbyes, I wasn't really expected anything big, because kindergarten teachers, and classes are really busy. (which is understandable) 

Coming back from picking up my kindergartners from lunch my supervising teacher had this teacher kit in her hands. This teacher kit was from the whole class,  my teacher and parents. 

(I also added the separate gifts I got from 3 different students to this teacher kit!)

Everything I received from my teacher, the students, and their parents is greatly appreciated. I got books, on different grade levels. Rewarding pencils, stickers, and stamps. I received and abundance of office supplies which makes me super happy :D. This teacher kit was so thoughtful, and truly amazing! 

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