Monday, July 21, 2014

20 Things You Don't Know About ME.

1. When I was born, the nurses wrapped me up in a blue blanket because the hospital ran out of pink blankets. My poor dad. 

2.  I was named after my mothers favorite brother Jesse. 

3. Growing up I had (and still have if I'm being honest) a fear of Nightmare on Elm street and every Freddy Krueger Movie ever made.

4. I absolutely love pickles! I eat them out of the jar.

5. I am a product of a blended family. I have a total of 7 siblings and step siblings. 

6. I was the biggest tomboy growing up. 

7. My all time favorite shows are Felicity, Ugly Betty and Lost. 

8. I'm a huge Miami Heat Fan!! My player is Dwyane Wade #3! 

9. My favorite color is green. 

10. My dream was actually to become an Art Teacher. 

11.  I am a May baby! So my horoscope is a Taurus and my birthstone is an Emerald. 

12. I don't like my food to touch. 

13. My favorite movies these days are 21 Jump Street, 50 First Dates, and Bridesmaids. 

14.  My first job was at Wilson's Leather at the Florida Mall. 

15. I can rap it like its hot. I can rap just about every lyric to Juicy, and hypnotized by Notorious BIG. 

16. I may have ADHD, but never seeked out a diagnosis. 

17. I started drinking coffee when I was 9 yrs. old. My grandma made a mean cup of coffee! 

18. My favorite thing to do is Eat Food! 

19. I'm claustrophobic. Which means I can't do long road trips without feeling sick. 

20. I hate mushrooms, except. Red Lobsters stuffed mushrooms. 

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