Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Irresistible Me

I am a very happy girl, because I recently I have had the opportunity to work with an amazing company called Irresistible MeIf your interested in purchasing these incredible clip-in hair extensions Irresistible Me has given my readers a permanent 10% discount!!!! Just put this code IrresistibleBride during checking out by adding it in the Promo Code box!

Irresistible Me is a company that provides salon-quality, 100% human hair extensions at an affordable price. Irresistible Me was launched in 2012, but has been very successful, and continues to grow each year. 
From my own personal experience with Madison from Irresistible Me I have noticed that this company takes pride in their products and are very dedicated to providing quality customer service. 
I ordered the natural Remy, natural black #1b, length 24, weight 200g clip-in hair extensions. This was the closest color to my hair. On a side note I do have highlights in my hair, but that didn't affect anything for me. If you need help finding the right color, Irresistible Me has a chat available to all customers visiting their website. Or you can use this video below, Madison from Irresistible Me sent me to help me choose the right color.

I was really excited to receive my Irresistible Me hair extensions by FedEx in the morning about a week ago. My first impression of this product, was the care in packaging! The hair came in a beautiful black box, that kept the hair secure. When I opened the box, I noticed my hair extension were kept in this bag! The bag kept my extensions in ready to use shape. I really didn't need to brush out the extensions for knots or anything!

This is me below without hair extensions. My hair is pretty long already, I know but extensions always makes my hair look full, and its easier to style. (Don't judge my outfit! lol I was about to do my hair, and I like to be comfortable.)

I made the decision to have my little sister help me with the process of clipping the extensions in. It's not hard, but I also wanted her to do my hair for my brothers weddings. I was so excited that I could wear my Irresistible Me clip-in hair extensions to his wedding. 
This is me below, with my Irresistible Me hair extensions. As you can see, my hair is slightly longer.
It was really easy and didn't really hurt to put the clip-in hair extensions in. My package of extensions came  in 10 pieces: 1 piece of 4 clips (8"), 2 pieces of 3 clips (6"), 5 pieces of 2 clips (4") and 2 pieces of 1 clip (1.5").

I was the maid of honor at a very relaxed wedding, so we went for a Kim Kardashian look! Look how FAB my hair looks!! I love how full and easy it was to style my hair!

 Please forget you see a rake in my picture lol We took a few quick shots because we were running late! 

So here's what I learned!

1. It's super easy to clip-in these extensions! 
2. The full pack of extensions really make your hair look full, and beautiful. 
3. If I could use them, then anyone can. 
4. They feel just like my own hair! 100% human hair!! Which means you must take care of them just like you would your own hair. 
5. They're easy to take out as well.
6. They never show, if you position them the correct way! 
7. I LOVE THEM!!! 

*****************My Irresistible Me extensions are just amazing! I feel so honored to have had this opportunity to review Irresistible Me clip-in 100% human hair extensions. 
If your interested in purchasing these incredible clip-in hair extensions Irresistible Me has given my readers a permanent 10% discount!!!! Just put this code IrresistibleBride during checking out by adding it in the Promo Code box********************************

These are my own opinions, and words for this post. 


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