Wednesday, July 23, 2014

uNu Review

I'm very proud and honored to make this review post about my uNu DX-5 Iphone 5s charging case! Spark Plug (my iPhone's name) is also very happy to get his charge on, while on the run!

Here's Spark Plug, all alone, without a case. Poor Spark Plug, but luckily for him, uNu has provided him with the best case he'll ever have. 
Looking for a new case, for a new phone is always something we love to do. You want a case that will protect your phone as well as add a part of your personality. With the uNu DX-5 you get to charge your phone when on the run, as well as protect your phone. I received a free sample (my uNu DX-5) to review and share my experience with this product. This review is my own thoughts and opinions on this product.  uNu is a company dedicated to producing the best power source for your mobile devices. I've had the pleasure to work with uNu and I am fully grateful for this opportunity. uNu also offers a program when they have  products available called U-Try. You sign up for a free sample to try out the charging case.  When I received my DX-5, the shipping was really fast. The case was fully protected. The case came in this box, which didn't have one dent.

uNu allowed me to pick the color I wanted and I choose Glossy White. The color is just as the name describes. It's glossy, and it's white. The case itself is very smooth, and feels good in the palm. The case is very light, and not at all bulky. 

The Case is very easy to charge. You just plug it in. Once the case is ready the light turns green, and you can put your phone in the case. It's easy enough to install the phone in the case. The top slides off, and you can slide your phone right in. I love this charging case, because it's not heavy at all. I've had a charging case before and the case was heavy. The design is slim and smooth. I get about 2 full charges from the case. I'm always on my phone, which makes this phone accessory necessary! Charging the case is simple, and fast. All you have to do is click the power button on the back to start charging. No need to take the phone out of the case, because you can charge the case and phone together. I've used this case for over a month and so far it's been the best cell phone case I've ever owned. 
This case came with:
  • uNu Protective Battery Case 2300mAh
  • micro USB cable
  • Head phone jack extender 
  • Screen protector
  • and the user manual
uNu was also awarded in 2013 on Customer Reports for being one of the four best cases to charge your smart phone! If your interested in purchasing head over to their website or click here. Also, if you follow uNu on Facebook, they do product giveaways every Friday on FB. 
I was given a free sample to review and enjoy the experience. My review is my  honest own opinion and thoughts.

Here is a short video about the DX-5

Thank you for reading my review, and I hope you check out this perfect powering source for your smart phone. 

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