Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Wedding Wednesday: Blushing Bridal Dresses

Recently I've been on the prowl for a wedding dress. I have not gone dress shopping, but I did try two different dresses with my sister about a year ago. We were shopping for her prom dress, and in the corner of the shop were a few white wedding dresses. We decided just for fun, I would try on a dress or two. So, I picked one ball gown and one mermaid. I have to be honest with y'all, but putting on two different types of dresses completely confused me. The more I view dresses online the more I become indecisive of what kind of dress I really want. Do I want a dress with a color such as champagne, or blush? Or do I want to stick with the traditional white/ivory? Well, anyone who knows me knows that I'm less than traditional, and that I cannot make up my mind to save my life. So in the spirit of wedding dress shopping, this is my version of online dress shopping with my readers. Can you help me? I would love any one's input on the matter, and on the feedback of these alluring dresses. 

My latest obsession has been how radiant a blush colored wedding dress looks! I've found some amazing designers, and came up with these breathtaking dresses. To view a dress, just click on the picture, and it should take you directly to the designer dress. I should also mention that the majority of these dresses are from collections of fall 2014, and spring 2015. This is an up-to-(this) date list of blush dresses. (Note: Some of the designers called blush as other names such as peony, sherbet, rose pink. I tried to stick to the tones of pink only.)

       Next week, I plan to make another post with more wedding dress colors, but keep an eye out for the classic Ivory/white dress post. 














Style D1773

Style D1846

Style D1758

Style D1751

Style D1702

Style D1581

Style D1789

Style 1692

Style 5865

Style 6025

Style 6013

Style 6022

Style 6091

Style 6028

Style 5911

Style 5833

Fall 2013 style 2124

Fall 2014 Style 2177

Spring 2015 Fauna

Spring 2015 Haven

Spring 2015 Maisie

Spring 2015 Hazel

Fall 2014 River

Style 1912


 Style 1907

Fall 2014 AV 9459

Fall 2014 AV 9453

Spring 2015 AV 9511


Style 581

Style 664

Style 587

Style 607

Style 565

Style 496

Style 437

Style 411

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