Tuesday, February 9, 2016

The 10 Important Wedding Songs...

Over the years I've come up with posts about first dance songs. I was absolutely obsessed with what song my new husband and I would dance too. Not really realizing that I needed to focus on the rest of the weddings music as well. I found myself on my own blog searching for songs for walking down the aisle, my bridesmaids walk down the aisle, the father daughter dance, the mother son dance, the songs we must have at our reception, etc. That would be the very important ten songs. I'm being a little general, because not everyone uses all ten, or they have even more songs. Whatever be the case, I was so mad at myself for not being somewhat prepared. For a last minute wedding, it's so hard to do everything in such a short amount of time. My problem was that music is such a huge part of the wedding. I wanted to set the mood for my wedding, while keeping to my style of music. It was really hard. I was searching for songs any chance I had for over two weeks.

            No one told me finding music for my ceremony and reception was going to be so tedious. Not to mention I had to get songs approved by my future husband...and sometimes if I'm being honest with you was great and others a complete mess. LOL yes my lovely readers...men are just as difficult as women.

            Anyways, I'll do a break down of the music I had at my wedding to hopefully give you some ideas. My DJ helped me out with playing slow classical music during times the guest were waiting. So I was lucky I didn't have to find that type of music. The only thing I would tell you is to emphasize to your DJ to not have the music blaring loudly during these times. My DJ was right on when it came to the volume of the music. I was lucky to have a friend refer him to me.

Here are the 10 songs ... and the songs I used

Ceremony Processional

1. Mothers, Nieces, and Bridesmaid walking down the aisle song
Once Upon a Dream Instrumental

            I really love this song from Sleeping Beauty, and if you know me I'm a huge Disney fan. I have the words of this song glittered up on my filing cabinet. So once I found this I felt like it was perfect for my families walk down the aisle. 

2. My Father, and I walk down the aisle song. 
Falling Slowly by Once (Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova

          I must highly recommend any bride to play this song during their walk down the aisle. I had my guests in tears...not to mention the bridal party. It's just a beautiful song, and it's been a favorite song of mine for years. The walk down the aisle is the most important song in my opinion. It sets the mood for your union, and for your guests who are witnessing it. I was really big on not doing a traditional ceremony, and since I had a backyard wedding, this song went perfect. I had guests telling me that this song was so perfect, and so beautiful. We've all heard that traditional bridal march...which in my opinion is kind of boring, and just not me. If you want a romantic song, and nontraditional song, give this song a listen. 

         We didn't have any music playing in the backyard of our I do's. I choose not to play music, because my voice is just a tiny one. When I speak loudly it's not natural and it's strained. So I didn't want to yell my vows so the guests could hear. Not to mention, I wanted the moment to be intimate and have all the guests focusing their positive energy towards us. 

3. Recessional....After the I do's...I walked hand in hand with my new husband to this song...
Ho Hey by the Lumineers

Backyard wedding...Happy song...a little country, and a little hipster in it. My husband and I both loved this song, so why not? 

Reception songs...

4. Bridal party, and Bride and Groom Entrance song...
Black Betty by Ram Jam

This is a classic song why not! Yes I honestly played this song as my bridal party were introduced, and then Mr. and Mrs. Hernandez. I wanted to have fun! We're not an uptight bunch. My bridal party had so much fun with it, and so did we. It was a great day song to get the party started.

5. First Dance Song.
After All by Peter Cetera and Cher

There was a lot of thought that came with picking our first dance song. My groom was surprisingly helpful when it came to choosing this song. We both agreed this would be our song, mainly because it's so fitting to our relationship.

6. Father, Daughter Dance
Butterfly Kisses by Bob Carlisle

Yes, this song is a wedding cliche but my father dedicated this song to all his girls. I started this song from 2:49 minutes, because I knew my dad and I both didn't want to dance the entire song. I had to find the perfect place to start this song, and I had some tears in there. It's an emotional song. It's really hard not to shed some tears while dancing with your dad to this song. Be prepared. 

7. Mother, Son Song
The Man You've Become 

My mother in law, and fiance choose this song. They started the song at 2:14, and ended it at 2:50. It was a beautiful song. Their dance was very sweet too.

8. The Bouquet Toss
Single Ladies by Beyonce

This song was suggested by my DJ, and it's very fun!

9. The Garter Toss
Can't Get Enough of Your Love Baby by Barry White

I love this song... and honestly the guys had fun with it. 

10. Cake Cutting
Marry You by Bruno Mars

I didn't assign a song for this part, but I wish I had. This would probably be my pick.

That would be the general list of songs every wedding needs. It was such a hard job, so what I've decided to do is come up with a short cut for all my readers. Yes...I will be making lists (probably short ones lol) for every important song for your wedding. Give me some time though because that's a hard job. Keep in mind, I have a love for new...unique songs. Not to mention my love for Indie rock. So bare with me, I'll get it done. Keep your eyes out for it. Well readers, I hope you enjoyed the musical glimpse into my wedding, as well as some ideas for your own wedding. Until next time :)